A former kickboxing world champion, Alfie Davis has showcased himself to be an excellent and technical striker in the 20-plus fights he’s had in MMA. Entering tonight, Davis sports a 16-4-1 record, which includes a 7-1-1 record in the Bellator cage. Davis is unbeaten in his last three fights, most recently scoring a decision over Aalon Cruz at Bellator 298 in August.


Oscar Ownsworth, who made his MMA debut in 2019, enters tonight’s bout with a five-fight win streak and having gone unbeaten in his last eight contests. A former lightweight champion on the regional scene, and a striking specialist himself, Ownsworth made his PFL debut at the inaugural PFL Europe card last year, earning a split decision over Lewis Monarch. Since then, Ownsworth has also picked up a third-round TKO of Harry Davies in July.


Who will make an impression with officials in this lightweight showdown?



Round 1


Ownsworth bouncing on his feet, coming forward. The two exchange, but a hook from Davis drops Ownsworth. Davis springs into action, trying to land several shots on the ground. Ownsworth being defensive. Davis looks for a choke, but Ownswroth manages to fight back and get back to his feet. Davis, however, still has a hold of him and his neck as they battle against the fence. Davis now looks for a guillotine choke. Ownsworth gives the referee a thumbs up and fires off a right hand. Ownsworth makes his way into more of a top position, going for the half guard.


Ownsworth is now the one that goes for a neck attack. Ownsworth looks to get into mount, but Davis gets away briefly before a scramble sees Ownsworth controlling Davis on top again. The two are on the feet again, with Ownsworth still pressuring and Davis’s back still to the fence. Davis exits the grasp and throws an elbow. With 90 seconds to go, Ownsworth goes back to going on the front foot, bouncing. Davis with a couple of body kicks. Right hand from Ownsworth. Ownsworth runs in with a charging combination. Davis with a strong right hand. Ownsworth blocks a high kick attempt. Ownsworth misses a right hand. Spinning elbow by Davis.



Round 2


Right hand from Ownsworth. Ownsworth throws a combination that ends in a high kick. Low kick from Ownsworth. Davis throws a couple of spinning high kicks. Low kick from Ownsworth, followed by a one-two. The two exchange and move across the cage. Davis tries to get inside. Front kick from Ownsworth, followed by a one-two. Strong right hand from Davis. Ownsworth with another low kick. Body kick from Ownsworth. Low kick from Davis, and Ownsworth fires off a right hand. The two swing hooks. Ownsworth lands an inside elbow. Spinning kick to the midsection by Davis.


Ownsworth presses Davis against the fence briefly. Davis misses a spinning back elbow and gets pressed against the fence again. Ownsworth lands a couple of knees to Davis’s midsection. The referee calls for action. Davis manages to fight back with his own pressure and get Ownsworth to the fence. Davis follows this by scoring a takedown. Davis brings pressure from the top, potentially looking for an arm-triangle choke. Ownsworth tried to punch his way out of Davis’s grasp. Davis tries to posture up, but Ownsworth takes advantage and rolls through to get back to his feet. Davis misses a spinning kick at the bell.



Round 3


Low kick from Ownsworth, but he ends up running into a right hand from Davis. Both fire off strong hooks. Inside combination from Davis. Ownsworth fires off a right hand. Davis goes for a spinning attack, but Ownsworth catches him and presses Davis’s chest against the fence. Ownsworth gets wrist control there as well before Davis transitions and gets his back to the fence. Davis lands a couple of knees to the body. Hook from Ownsworth. Davis gets off the fence and separates. Counter hooks from Davis. Ownsworth misses a spinning back kick. Davis tries for several spinning kicks but can’t get any to land.


Davis with a knee and the fight returns to the ground, with Davis looking to lock up a choke again. It looks like Ownsworth’s nose is busted up from the knee by Davis. Some strong ground-and-pound from Davis. Ownsworth appears to be hurt as Davis turns things up, landing hammerfist after hammerfist. Knee to the ribs by Davis. Another knee to the midsection. Davis looks for a guillotine choke. Some hand fighting by Ownsworth, but Davis is squeezing. Ownsworth gets out of the choke and fires off one punch from the top as the time expires.





Alfie Davis defeats Oscar Ownsworth by Unanimous Decision (30-27 x3) in a lightweight bout