During the two seasons he competed within the PFL, Tyler Diamond has proven to be a highly entertaining fighter, putting on multiple memorable performances in spite of having never reached the postseason. Diamond, a freestyle wrestling specialist, defeated Jo Sungbin and lost to Brendan Loughnane in 2021 and lost to Movlid Khaybulaev in his sole 2023 appearance. The Team Alpha Male product, who competes tonight in the regular season on short notice, won an Alternate Bout against Otto Rodrigues in April.


Starting his MMA journey through judo training since he was 4 years old, Brett Johns has turned into a well-established talent, winning gold in notable regional promotions. A seasoned veteran, Johns has competed worldwide, and he enters tonight with a 2-1 Bellator record and a 1-1 PFL record. After impressing in a Showcase win over David Tonatiuh-Crol at the PFL Europe Championships in December, Johns lost his first regular season contest against Timur Khizriev in April.


The loser of this contest will be eliminated, with Diamond needing a finish to have any sort of chance of making the playoffs.



Round 1


Both men exchange early. Johns throws a leg kick and goes to the body. Johns avoids a hook and lands another low kick. Johns goes for a single-leg takedown. Diamond is defending, landing punches upstairs. Johns maintains a hold of the leg. Diamond kicks Johns over the top to secure top position. One-two on the ground from Diamond. Johns spends time trying to get one of his hands free to land from the bottom.


Diamond maintains top control in Johns’s guard. Diamond tries to get around the guard and posture up, but the guard of Johns is a deep one. Johns sits himself up against the SmartCage. Johns manages to work himself back to his feet, as the two are in a clinch battle against the fence with a minute left in the round. Johns with a body lock and a takedown. Diamond scrambles, but Johns follows through with him and stays on top with a front headlock position. Diamond works his way back to his feet. Some dirty boxing. Johns with a knee and spin kick attempt before the bell.




Round 2


A couple of jabs from Diamond to start. Low kick from Johns. Combination from Johns. The two trade low kicks. Johns looks to get inside and pushes Diamond to the fence. Johns gets a takedown, but Diamond gets right back to his feet. Johns continues to push him against the fence. Diamond with a Whizer, looking to find a way out. Johns scores another takedown and takes the back, looking for a choke. Johns lands with the right hand. Diamond gets up, but, again, Johns pushes him to the fence and back to the mat.



Diamond gets back to his feet, only for Johns to dump him back down. Johns lands to the body. Diamond has his legs around one of Johns’s, but he’s struggling to find a way back to his feet this time. Johns continues to land to the head with about a minute left in the round. Johns looks to pass into full mount. Diamond gives his back up. Johns takes it and lands to the body. Johns rides out the closing seconds on the back of Diamond.



Round 3


Diamond throws a couple of jabs before a clinch battle. Right hand from Diamond. One-two from Johns. Johns with a forward combination. Johns shoots in, but Diamond counters and nearly gets a crucifix in. Diamond has the top position and has a hold of Johns in a cow-catching position. Johns has a butterfly guard in. Johns continues to look for the single-leg. The two are back on their feet, Diamond landing some dirty boxing and Johns looking to answer. Diamond presses Johns against the fence. The two get off the fence and go back to trading.



The two landing uppercuts on the inside. Johns with a trip. Diamond scrambles and ends up on top. He, however, is in Johns’s guard, and Johns is looking for a triangle. Diamond gets out of that, but Johns keeps the triangle around Diamond and has a hold of Diamond’s wrist. Diamond looking to work and land up top on Johns. Johns looks for the triangle again with about a minute left. Diamond trying to posture up and explode. Diamond manages to get out of the guard and lands a couple of punches and some leg kicks before the bell.





Tyler Diamond defeats Brett Johns by unanimous decision (29-28x3) in the PFL Featherweight Division.

  • Diamond and Johns are both eliminated from the playoffs. Diamond loses the tiebreaker with Kamaka and Khizriev based on number of regular season fights (Kamaka and Khizriev will both have 2, Diamond will only have 1)
  • Diamond moves his career record to 14-3