Timur Khizriev began his MMA journey through wrestling at the age of nine, going on to become a two-time Russian Wushu champion. “Imam” competed in various promotions in Russia, winning a featherweight tournament championship in 2017. Khizriev, a product of DagFighter and American Top Team, is 15-0. After winning three straight fights in Bellator, Khizriev made his PFL debut in April with a decision win over Brett Johns.


Enrique Barzola has competed under the bright lights of MMA’s biggest stages, including Bellator. Barzola, who enters tonight with 20 wins in 30 pro fights thus far, went 4-2 in Bellator, which included a pair of highlight-reel, flying knee knockouts. Barzola dropped a decision to Adam Borics in his April PFL debut.


Khizriev makes it to the playoffs with a finish, while Barzola needs a win to remain in playoff contention.



Round 1


Both men were patient early on. Khizriev catches Barzola with a one-two. Low kick from Khizriev. Front kick from Khizriev. Khizriev with a spinning back kick attempt. Khizriev lands inside. Low kick from Khizriev again. Khizriev misses the left hand to the body. Khizriev throws the double jab. The two exchange. Khizriev lands a front kick. Khizriev with a double jab. Khizriev blocks a high kick attempt from Barzola. Low kick from Khizriev. Left hand from Khizriev. Low kick from Khizriev. Barzola with a one-two. Barzola with another combination.


Low kick from Khizriev, followed by a pair of left jabs. Another pair of left hands from Khizriev. Khizriev shoots in, but Barzola stops the takedown. Barzola comes in with a small flurry. Khizriev throws a hook. Barzola slips Khizriev up with a combination. Khizriev misses the jab. Barzola addresses his right eye; something is bothering him. Khizriev lands a combination. Barzola with a couple of combinations. Push kick and a right hand from Khizriev. Right hand from Barzola. Barzola shoots in, but Khizriev avoids the takedown.



Round 2


Patience from both men again. High kick from Khizriev starts things off. Khizriev gets Barzola off balance briefly with a right hand. A two-punch combination by Khizriev. Khizriev lands the combination again, followed by a low kick. Khizriev landing the combinations here. Front kick by Khizriev to the body of Barzola, and it seems to have hurt him. Khizriev walking Barzola down. Khizriev with a low kick and a straight. Khizriev misses an uppercut. Barzola catches the kick but misses the counter punch. Right hand from Khizriev to finish another combination.


Left hand from Barzola. Front kick from Khizriev and a takedown to follow up. Barzola back up quickly, but it’s clear his vision is being affected by a cut around one of his eyes. Khizriev mixing things up in his striking. Barzola looks to get in, but Khizriev counters and lands another takedown. Khizriev takes Barzola’s back standing. Khizriev landing several knees to one of Barzola’s legs, as he continues to pressure and smother Barzola. Barzola gets to his feet, but Khizriev maintains a hold of him. Khizriev lands a couple of right hands before Barzola breaks off before the bell.



Round 3


After a timeout at the start for the doctor to observe the cut, the fight resumes with the third round. Low kick from Khizriev before the two trade punches. Khizriev coming forward and cutting off the cage. Low kick from Khizriev. Body kick by Khizriev. One-two from Khizriev. Khizriev catches Barzola coming forward and scores another takedown. Khizriev lands a left hand as he stops Barzola’s attempts from squirming free. Barzola gets a leg up, but Khizriev looks for a back take. Barzola now is standing, but Khizriev still has a hold of him, pushing him into the fence. Barzola gets separation. Barzola with a left hand. Khizriev lands a couple of low kicks. Khizriev tries to get a hold again, but Barzola avoids it.


One-two from Khizriev. Barzola misses an uppercut and a right hand. Barzola misses a high kick. Khizriev with a combination. Khizriev grabs a leg. Barzola avoids the takedown, but Khizriev pushes him to the fence and secures the takedown there. Khizriev looks to take the back again, but Barzola brings the fight back up. Right hand from Barzola. Barzola comes forward and lands a combination. Barzola with an overhand. Khizriev grabs at the leg but can’t get another takedown. Barzola with an uppercut. Khizriev grabs a hold, but Barzola sprawls to stop it. Barzola tries for Khizriev’s neck, but Khizriev just stands right back up. Barzola now coming forward. Left hand from Khizriev. The two swing away until the final bell.





Timur Khizriev defeats Enrique Barzola by unanimous decision (30-27x3) earning 3 points in the PFL Featherweight Division.

  • Khizriev moves into 2nd place but has yet to clinch a playoff spot. Barzola is eliminated.
  • Khizriev moves his undefeated record to 16-0