In our final bout of the first half of the 2023 PFL Regular Season, reigning PFL World Champion Sadibou Sy begins his quest for a repeat against Jarrah Al Silawi who looks to rebound after a big knockout loss at the hands of Magomed Umalatov in his last fight. Sy had been to the PFL Playoffs four times before claiming his first million dollar World Championship last year and believes there’s no looking back now. A two time Brave Welterweight champion, Al Silawi is a well credentialed striker in his own right and this bout should produce fireworks.


Round 1 

Our final bout of the evening is underway and Al-Silawi blitzes Sy early behind an overhand right but Sy is quickly out of danger. Sy lands a nice teep to the body as he is wont to do. Sy lands a nice inside low kick and is pressuring Al Silawi now but Al Silwai lands a nice gazelle hook with his right and is having some success blitzing Sy early.

Sy goes up high with a head kick but Al Silawi is ready and defends it well. Sy lands a heavy kick to the body and Al Silawi returns fire but catches Sy on the cup as the ref resets them. On the restart Al Silawi is poked in the eye and we’ll have another break in the action.

They restart and Al Silawi lands a nice lead hook and is pressing Sy now, countering a  push kick with a nice right hand. Al Silawi is having success when he’s the one coming forward but seems very willing to cede ground here as Sy won’t settle for fighting off the back foot.

Sy lands a heavy inside leg kick and there is already some heavy damage showing on Al Silawi’s left thigh. Al Silawi gets in deep on a single leg takedown attempt and transitions to a high leg but Sy defends expertly, staying on his feet and reversing position in the clinch. Referee Mark Smith calls for more action as Sy catches his breath.

Al Silawi makes a big mistake attempting a suicide throw and landing on his back with Sy in full mount. Sy will unload some big strikes before getting up and closing the round with some leg kicks to his downed opponent.


Round 2


We begin our second round and Sy seems more intent on holding the center of the SmartCage rather than fighting off his back foot but Al Silawi is still coming forward and making him work for ground.


Sy lands a massive knee to the liver of Al Silawi and after a bit of a delayed reaction, Al Silawi keels over as Sy smiles and admires his handiwork. Sy chases Al Silawi to the mat and unloads some heavy ground and pound before the referee calls the fight. That’s a Fab Five for your returning PFL Welterweight World Champion!






Sadibou Sy begins his quest for a World Championship repeat in style, finishing Jarrah Al Silawi with a knee to the liver and straight to ground and pound.


Sadibou Sy def. Jarrah Al Silawi by second round TKO (body knee to punches, 1:14)