Renan Ferreira has proven to be one of the most dangerous heavyweights that the PFL has, with eight of his 10 wins coming by KO, including the second- and third-fastest finishes in PFL heavyweight history. Ferreira made the semifinals last year but was defeated by eventual champion Ante Delija. Ferreira’s regular season saw him go to a no-contest with Rizvan Kuniev (a bout that was originally a loss for Ferreira before it was overturned) and earn a first-round finish of Matheus Scheffel, earning Ferreira the No. 2 seed at heavyweight.


Maurice Greene, a New York native, gets to compete in his home state as he makes his PFL postseason debut. Greene’s 2023 saw him score a second-round TKO of Marcelo Nunes before dropping a decision to last year’s heavyweight champion, Delija. Despite his fifth-place standings finish, Greene enters the playoffs after Nunes was forced out due to injury. Greene made his PFL debut during last year’s regular season in a loss to Denis Goltsov.


Which of these two will compete against Denis Goltsov for this year’s PFL heavyweight championship and $1 million?



Round 1


The two exchange jabs to start. One-two from Ferreira. Low kick from Ferreira. Greene has his back to the SmartCage. Right hand from Ferreira as Greene moves around. Ferreira with a low kick. Straight to the body by Ferreira. Low kick by Ferreira. Greene with a right hand. Small combination by Ferreira. Low kick by Ferreira. Green with alow kick. Ferreira comes in with a small flurry. Greene tries to clinch up but Ferreira shoves him off. Greene goes for a kick and Ferreira lands a punch to the body. Jab by Greene. Left hand by Ferreira. A couple of left jabs by Greene. Round kick to the body by Ferreira.



Right hand by Ferreira lands. Kick to the body by Greene. Greene with a couple of right hands. Push kick by Greene. Jab to the body by Ferreira. Low kick by Greene. Low kick by Ferreira. Low kick by Greene. Greene goes for another and Ferreira counters with a big flurry. Greene with a couple of low kicks. Ferreira goes for a kick upstairs and seems to hurt his leg a bit. The pace slows down as the seconds wind down, when Ferreira lands a solid right hand that drops Greene! Some follow-up shots and that’s it! Ferreira with the late first-round finish!



Renan Ferreira gets his chance at PFL gold and $1 million!





Renan Ferreira def. Maurice Greene via first-round KO (punch, 4:46)


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