The 28-year-old Khai Wu makes his highly anticipated PFL debut tonight. Known as a training partner to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Wu is a former featherweight champion on the regional circuit, coming into tonight with three finishes in his seven wins. Known as “The Shadow,” Wu has won three of his last five, most recently earning a split decision over Kimbert Alintozon in February.


Phil Caracappa is a former bantamweight champion on the regional circuit, starting his career 7-0 after turning pro in 2017. He has seen some struggles of late but comes into tonight’s bout with a 9-3 record. He most recently fought in February, suffering a loss to Valodia Aivazian.


Both these former regional MMA champions will have a big opportunity here in this bantamweight Showcase bout.



Round 1


The two start off by feeling each other out in the center. Caracappa with a low kick that misses. Caracappa pressing forward. Both men make each other miss their first strikes. Small blitz from Caracappa. Low kick by Caracappa. Wu clips Caracappa with a right hand, but Caracappa counters with a couple of power shots of his own. Left hook by Wu hurts Caracappa, and he responds by pinning Wu against the fence. It takes a little bit, but Wu trips Caracappa before the two return to their feet quickly.


Wu with a powerful counter shot, and Caracappa pins Wu against the fence again. After a little struggle against the fence, Caracappa scores a takedown this time, landing in half-guard. Caracappa lands a few shots from up top. Caracappa lands again, while Wu looks to bring himself toward the fence and land from bottom. Caracappa’s corner calling for him to posture up. Caracappa looks to get in a more dominant position, but he’s unable to explode — in the words of his corner — before the bell.



Round 2


Low kick from Wu early. Wu with another low kick and dodges one from Caracappa. Wu goes for another, but Caracappa checks it. Small combination from Caracappa as Wu lands a strong left, but it doesn’t deter Caracappa scoring a takedown. Caracappa works again as Wu closes guard. Caracappa looks to use Wu’s positioning to his own edge.


Wu is not scrambling, and the referee forces the two up due to little action. High kick from Caracappa is blocked. Caracappa with a left, and Wu with a low kick. Right hand by Wu. Wu goes in for a left but Caracappa dodges. Another high kick from Caracappa is blocked. Caracappa tries to come forward. Both land powerful shots but Caracappa lands another takedown. Caracappa ends the round on top.



Round 3


Low kick from Wu. Caracappa lands one, but Wu lands a left. The fight is briefly paused due to Wu getting eye poked. Wu flashing the left hand. Low kick from Wu is missed. Caracappa lands some big shots, but Wu lands another strong counter. Caracappa goes for another takedown, but Wu is resisting and pummeling. Wu appears to be busted open on his forehead, and there's a lot of blood coming out as Caracappa takes him down again. Little action from either man, and the ref tells both men to get busy. Right hand from Caracappa. Wu with an upkick.


Caracappa tries to get into full mount, but Wu is preventing him and struggling. Caracappa lands several shots from up top and is in complete control. Caracappa lands several left hands to the head. A few right hands from Caracappa. Wu is just holding on and not really doing anything to improve position. Wu manages to finally sit up against the SmartCage. Caracappa works the body but he’s unable to posture up. Caracappa finishes the fight with several left hands to the body, finishing the fight on top.





Phil Caracappa def. Khai Wu via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)


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