Since his arrival at the PFL, Olivier Aubin-Mercier has been unbeatable with an 8-0 record in the PFL SmartCage. Last year, OAM defeated Natan Schulte, Raush Manfio, Alex Martinez and Stevie Ray en route to becoming the first Canadian PFL champion. Now, OAM looks to become a back-to-back world champion, entering the postseason off a decision over Shane Burgos and a third-round finish of Anthony Romero in this year’s regular season.


Bruno Miranda’s looks to extend an already enjoyable debut PFL season by pulling off a huge upset. Miranda earned a PFL contract last year during the Challenger Series, scoring a finish of Carson Frei. This season, Miranda impressed with decision wins over Ahmed Amir and Martinez, good enough to net him the No. 3 seed.


Who will move on to Black Friday and battle for the 2023 PFL Lightweight World Championship?



Round 1


Miranda with a couple of low kicks to start. Jab by Aubin-Mercier. Body kick by OAM, but Miranda answers with a couple of low kicks. Body kick by OAM. Miranda with a right hand. Low kick by Miranda. Low kick by Miranda again, but OAM lands a right hand of his own. OAM with a quick left. High kick by Miranda is blocked. Left hand by OAM. Low kick and a punch to the body by Miranda. Round kick to the body by OAM. Left hand by OAM as Miranda comes in. Left hand and a left head kick by OAM.


OAM works the jab, but Miranda lands a one-two. Left hand by OAM. Miranda with a couple of left hands. Miranda catches a body kick. OAM comes in for a knee, but Miranda lands a hook to catch him. Miranda lands a hard right to the body. High kick by Miranda is blocked. Left hand by OAM. Body kick by Miranda. OAM presses Miranda near the SmartCage, and OAM lands a takedown with about 30 seconds left in the round. Miranda gets to his feet as OAM presses him against the fence. OAM lands a couple of knees to the leg before the bell.




Round 2


High kick from OAM is blocked. One-two by OAM but Miranda lands a low kick. OAM drops Miranda with a left hand! OAM gets on top and starts to land as Miranda throws up his guard. OAM lands to the body. OAM postures up, but Miranda guards again. OAM moves into half-guard. OAM lands to the body. Miranda tries to drag himself to the fence as OAM tries to move past the guard into mount.


OAM postures up and lands some shots from the top before returning to the ground with Miranda. OAM searching for wrist control. OAM gets past the guard and is in full mount now, delivering some left hands to Miranda’s face and upper body. Miranda recovers and gets guard back up with about 70 seconds left in the round. OAM finds his way back into the mount and starts to rain down shots. OAM’s ground-and-pound continues and the referee waves off the fight with 19 seconds left in the round!



Olivier Aubin-Mercier is now one fight away from a second straight PFL Lightweight World Title!





Olivier Aubin-Mercier def. Bruno Miranda via second-round TKO (punches, 4:41)


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