In our second Heavyweight bout of the Regular Season, jiu jitsu ace Marcelo Nunes takes on MMA vet Maurice Greene who is still seeking his first win with the PFL after dropping a decision to Dennis Goltsov last year. Nunes meanwhile has two wins under the PFL banner and competes in his first PFL Regular Season. Both of these fighters are well known for their charitable endeavors but there will be no charity tonight as both look to make a statement to open their respective Regular Season’s.


Round 1 

The fighters touch gloves and we’re off as Nunes throws a low kick that Greene is able to check. Nunes wastes no time closing the distance and starting to work for takedowns up against the fence as he seems to have clearly identified where he’ll have the advantage here.

Greene is doing a good job controlling the wrist of Nunes to prevent him from securing the bodylock as Greene also fights off a trip. Greene lands a nice knee from a poor position and Nunes returns fire with a big shovel hook to the body. Greene is trying to use his forearm to frame off of Nunes but he just can’t create enough space to get Nunes off of him so he switches the strategy and lands a nice knee up top.

Nunes looks for a trip and gets Greene to the mat but Greene is able to quickly get back to his feet and retreat before Nunes is able to establish control. Green lands a nice straight left and throws a high kick behind it and Nunes may be a bit flustered after failing to get the takedown.

Oh me oh my, Greene lands a heavy kick to the body of Nunes and follows it up with a flurry of punches to the head and body. One of those body shots clearly hurt Nunes as he wobbles and retreats a bit and now Nunes clinches. Greene lands a big knee to the head of Nunes and Nunes is able to very briefly get the fight to the mat and take the back but Greene is right back up and firing, landing a big knee and a punch to the body of Nunes that seems to bother him once more.

Nunes will survive to the end of the round but if he cannot get this fight to the mat, Greene appears to have him beat on the feet.


Round 2


The second round begins and the body language of Nunes is not encouraging as Greene looks much more confident than he did at the start of the fight, landing a nice straight left followed by a lead uppercut. Nunes shoots but telegraphs it and Greene is able to defend with ease.


Greene is absolutely working the body now and this might be the beginning of the end! Greene is pouring it on with knees and big punches and Nunes turns his back despite the referee yelling at him to fight back and not turn his back, and that will do it! Mark Smith has seen enough and Greene earns himself five points with a second round finish!






In a career best performance, Maurice Greene pieces Marcelo Nunes up on the feet before getting the Fab Five finish in the second round.


Maurice Greene def. Marcelo Nunes by second round TKO (Punches and knees, 1:20)