Andrey Koreshkov had been an integral part of the Bellator welterweight division since signing with them in 2012 after winning amateur gold. Koreshkov lost his first title shot against Ben Askren in 2013 but won the championship with a win over Douglas Lima two years later. He held the title for about a year before dropping the gold back to Lima. A Master of Sport in Army Combat Fighting, the former two-time Bellator Welterweight Tournament Champion has scored finishes in two-thirds of his victories. Koreshkov enters tonight on a five-fight win streak, most recently defeating Lorenz Larkin via split decision in July.


Magomed Umalatov has made a name for himself in his first two seasons with the PFL, but he’s been stopped from participating in the playoffs both times in spite of being undefeated. The 14-0 Umalatov scored a first-round knockout of Jarrah Al-Silawi in 2022 but visa issues prevented him from participating in the postseason. Umalatov knocked out Dilano Taylor and earned a decision over Nayib Lopez in 2023 but was forced to withdraw from the semifinals due to injury. Can this be the year Umalatov finally captures PFL gold?


Which veteran will take their momentum and use it to take a first step toward this year’s PFL welterweight championship?



Round 1


Inside leg kick from Koreshkov. Calf kick by Koreshkov. A spinning back kick from Koreshkov is missed, and Umalatov takes the back almost immediately. Koreshkov was warned for supposedly throwing an elbow. Umalatov brings the action to the fence, but Koreshkov counters and is able to pin Umalatov’s back to the fence. Umalatov scores a takedown about two minutes into the round.



Koreshkov gets one of his legs over one of the arms of Umalatov, perhaps looking for an omoplata. Umalatov tries to use his legs and scramble to get out of Koreshkov’s hold and get on top, getting into Koreshkov’s half-guard. Koreshkov tries to lock Umalatov down while they trade strikes, with Koreshkov potentially landing the better strikes from the bottom.



Round 2


Front kick from Koreshkov to start. Low kick by Umalatov. A right hand by Umalatov knocks Koreshkov down! Koreshkov tries to recover and get his legs back as he presses Umalatov against the fence. Umalatov comes after him with a one-two. Umalatov with a right hand. Another right hand. Body lock sees the two jockey for position against the fence. Umalatov scores the takedown. Knee to the side by Umalatov. Umalatov prevents Koreshkov’s transitions, keeping him as flat as possible on the mat.



Umalatov battles to try and get into better positioning. Koreshkov unsuccessfully tries to cage walk to get out of Umalatov’s grasp. Koreshkov gets back to his feet – only for Umalatov to quickly bring him back to the floor. Koreshkov gets back to his feet again, but now he’s got his back pinned against the SmartCage. Koreshkov gets out of his grasp and fires off a kick that lands on Umalatov’s shoulder. Koreshkov fires what he can in the closing seconds of round two.



Round 3


Umalatov with a combination early in the final round. Koreshkov lands a couple of left jabs. Body kick from Koreshkov. Umalatov grabs a hold of the neck and circles around back on the floor, looking to get a hold of Koreshkov’s back again. Koreshkov tries to roll out but has to settle for getting his legs up in guard. Umalatov tries to bring as much pressure on the ground, knowing Koreshkov is trying to set up a triangle choke or an armbar.


Umalatov manages to pass guard. Umalatov fires off some hammer fists, but the referee warns more activity is needed. Umalatov gets Koreshkov’s back again with 80 seconds remaining. Umalatov loses control of his back, but he remains on top as Koreshkov throws up the guard. Umalatov fires off a few left hands. Umalatov remains on top and should easily get the win on the judges’ cards here.





Magomed Umalatov defeats Andrey Koreshkov by Unanimous Decision (29-28 x3) in a welterweight regular season bout