South Dakota’s own Logan Storley took on the same path as Brock Lesnar did in his schooling, and he went on to become a six-time state champion in high school with a 262-3 record before going on to become a four-time All-American at the University of Minnesota. Storley started his career in 2015 and was signed to Bellator two years later, going 10-2 and defeating Michael “Venom” Page to capture the interim Bellator welterweight championship. Storley made his PFL debut in April, losing to Shamil Musaev.


Luca Poclit comes into this contest on just days’ notice in place of Laureano Staropoli. Poclit has not tasted defeat since losing his professional MMA debut, going on to win regional MMA titles. Poclit signed with Bellator in 2022 and went 3-0, with his most recent fight coming with a rare Brabo choke against Roman Faraldo at Bellator 299.


Storley must score a finish within the first 4:05 to make the playoffs; otherwise, the final welterweight playoff spot is awarded to Murad Ramazanov. Poclit is unable to clinch a playoff spot due to this being his PFL debut and the way results have played out.



Round 1


Storley with the left hand, but Poclit gets out of the way. Storley scores a takedown near the fence. Storley working in half-guard, looking to apply shoulder pressure and looking for an arm-triangle choke. Poclit tries to toss Storley and does so, getting on top and attacking the back. Poclit working with aggression, getting a face crank. Storley reverses the position and gets back on top. Storley works his way into side control. Storley goes back into half guard, and Poclit sits himself up against the fence.



Storley continues to chase after the head. Right hand to the body by Poclit. Storley continuing to work, and he gets an arm around the neck of Poclit. But Poclit gets out of it, and he returns to top position, working in a front headlock. Poclit ends up going into full mount. Poclit goes to take the back, but Storley reverses and returns to top position before the bell.



Round 2


Left hand from Storley. Left hand for Storley. One-two from Poclit. Poclit lands the left hand a couple of times before Storley level changes and takes Poclit down. Storley works in half-guard. Storley has his head by Poclit’s arm, and it looks like he’s leaving himself open for a guillotine. Storley lands a pair of right hands to the head. Storley works in half-guard, landing a couple of right hands to the head again.


Storley has an arm around the neck of Poclit and he appears to be working toward a choke. Poclit lands a few right hands to the back. Storley appears to be having issue with the positioning and defenses of Poclit. Poclit has an arm around Storley’s neck. Poclit trying to get his legs up for a triangle. Storley avoids his legs and gets into side control. Storley lands a pair of knees to the midsection. Storley appears to be close to a Von Flue choke. He won’t get anything, however, before the bell.



Round 3


Poclit landing the jab to start the round. High kick from Poclit is blocked. Right hand from Poclit. High left kick from Poclit. Poclit with another kick, but Storley answers with a one-two. Storley presses Poclit up against the fence. Storley looks to trip Poclit up.The two look for control in a body lock. Poclit gets an arm around Storley’s neck and he cranks as they go to the mat. Storley tries to roll through. Storley gives a thumbs up. Storley escapes and he gets back control on the ground.



Storley punches with the left hand. Storley now starting to smother Poclit with ground-and-pound. Poclit tries to grab a hold of Storley and lock him down, as Storley continues to work. Storley landing in half-guard. Storley’s right-hand attack looks to be getting to Poclit. Poclit tries to lock down Storley’s arms. Storley works into full mount with just over 20 seconds to go. Storley starts to rain down ground-and-pound. Poclit gives up his back! Back into full mount! Storley with the ground-and-pound, while Poclit fires back from the bottom! And the bell sounds!






Logan Storley defeats Luca Poclit by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28x2) earning 3 points in the PFL Welterweight Division

  • Storley misses the playoffs but wins in front of his home crowd and moves his record to 16-3
  • With that result, Murad Ramazanov clinches the final playoff spot at welterweight


2024 PFL Welterweight Semifinals

#1 Shamil Musaev vs. #4 Murad Ramazanov

#2 Magomed Umalatov vs. #3 Don Madge