The cousin of former PFL welterweight champion Ray Cooper III, Kai Kamaka has competed for a number of noteworthy promotions, which includes a 6-2-1 record between two stints with Bellator. Kamaka, a native of Hawaii, is currently riding a four-fight win streak. In April, Kamaka scored a decision win over PFL veteran Bubba Jenkins.


Pedro Carvalho scored a regional lightweight title in his native Portugal before signing with Bellator in 2018. He went 6-5 in the promotion, which included unsuccessfully challenging Patricio Pitbull for the Bellator featherweight title in 2020. Carvalho was unsuccessful in his PFL debut in April, losing to Brendan Loughnane.


Kamaka needs a finish to clinch a playoff spot, while Carvalho needs a win to have a shot at making the playoffs.



Round 1


Carvalho with a pair of right hands to start. High kick is blocked by Kamaka, who throws a low kick. Low kick from Carvalho. Low kick from Kamaka. Kamaka catches Carvalho with a right hand. Another right hand from Kamaka. Low kick from Carvalho. Low kick from Carvalho. Kamaka continues to land with the right, and Carvalho lands a left to the body and a one-two. Kamaka catches a kick but can’t get the takedown. Kamaka lands a knee to the body. Right hand by Carvalho. Carvalho with a series of kicks.


Another low kick from Carvalho. Carvalho with a quick left. Another low kick from Carvalho. Kamaka comes in with a knee to the body. Low kick from Carvalho. One-two from Kamaka. Kamaka with a leg kick. Small combination from Kamaka. Low kick from Carvalho. Body kick by Kamaka. Round kick by Carvalho. Right hand by Kamaka backs Carvalho up. Kamaka lands again. Knee by Carvalho, but Kamaka is ready with an overhand right. Kamaka lands a combination before the bell.



Round 2


Carvalho tries to bring volume to start things off. Kamaka landing a knee. Carvalho throwing kicks, trying to hide them behind feinting jabs and strikes. Another low kick from Carvalho. Kamaka scores a takedown and gets a hold of Carvalho’s back. Kamaka lands a knee to the leg. Another knee to the calf. Carvalho is able to get back to his feet, but Kamaka presses him into the fence. Kamaka trips him up. Carvalho gets the fight back standing, but Kamaka lands a left hand on the break. Kamaka with a front kick to the body. Both men landing combinations.



Kamaka lands a right hand, countering a kick from Carvalho. High kick from Carvalho is blocked. Carvalho tries to go to the body. One-two by Kamaka. Front kick by Kamaka. Carvalho with a combination and landing a kick, connecting with the body of Kamaka. Low round kick by Carvalho. One-two by Carvalho after catching a Kamka kick. Kamaka grabs a hold of Carvalho, who presses Kamaka against the fence. Kamaka grabs a body lock and trades places. Kamaka landing knees to the leg of Carvalho. Carvalho turns and looks to attack the neck of Kamaka, but Kamaka counters and gets Carvalho back to the fence once more before the bell.




Round 3


Low kick from Carvalho. Combination from Kamaka. One-two from Kamaka. Low kick from Carvalho. Right hand from Kamaka. Another right hand from Kamaka. Low kick from Carvalho. One-two from Kamaka. Carvalho lands a pair of low kicks, which Kamaka returns. Kamaka with a combination upstairs. Carvalho with a low kick. Kamaka with a pair of kicks. Kamaka landing another combination. Carvalho pressing Kamaka into the fence, but Kamaka breaks that off quickly. Right hand by Kamaka.


Carvalho grabs a hold of Kamaka’s legs and presses him into the fence again. Carvalho transitions and looks to get a hold of Kamaka’s back and bring the fight to the ground. Kamaka pummels, and he’s able to trade places, now taking a hold of Carvalho’s back. Kamaka looks to get him down, but Carvalho transitions to prevent that. Kamaka looks for another takedown, but Carvalho stops it. Carvalho looks for Kamaka’s neck, but Kamaka avoids that. Carvalho with a kick that slips Kamaka up, and Carvalho jumps into his guard. The two trade punches on the ground until the bell.





Kai Kamaka defeats Pedro Carvalho by unanimous decision (29-28x2, 30-27) earning 3 points in the PFL Featherweight Division.

  • Kamaka has not yet clinched a playoff spot, but is still alive. Carvalho is eliminated.
  • With that result, Brendan Loughnane has clinched a playoff spot.
  • Kamaka moves his career record to 14-5-1