The second title fight of the night, and the first of five title fights on the pay-per-view card, will see the PFL Light Heavyweight World Championship up for grabs.


Joshua Silveira made the postseason last year, only to fall short against Omari Akhmedov in the semifinals. This season, however, Silveira has been dominant in the division, earning the No. 1 seed with a first-round submission of Sam Kei and a first-round TKO of Delan Monte. A wrestling and jiu-jitsu specialist who previously held middleweight and light heavyweight gold on the regional scene, Silveira clinched a spot in tonight’s million-dollar fight with a first-round TKO of Ty Flores in the semifinals.


Moving up to light heavyweight upon making his first appearance with the PFL earlier this year, Impa Kasanganay has found a home for himself within the promotion. Kasanganay’s journey to tonight’s title fight began in this year’s Challenger Series, earning a PFL contract through a win over Osama ElSaidy. Just a couple of weeks later, Kasanganay quickly turned around to defeat Cory Hendricks and then submitted Tim Caron to earn a spot in the PFL Playoffs. Facing a former finalist in Marthin Hamlet, Kasanganay scored a knockout in under three minutes to earn a spot in the world title fight.


Who will win the 205-pound gold and $1 million?



Round 1


Kasanganay looks to take control immediately, throwing a high kick that misses and backs up Silveira. Silveira tries to attack the body but is backed up toward the SmartCage. Silveira locks up Kasanganay as the two battle against the fence. Kasanganay reverses an attempt by Silveira to trip him up. Kasanganay gets a brief takedown. Left hand by Silveira. Kasanganay with a small combination. Front kick by Kasanganay. Combination by Kasanganay presses Silveira back. Left hook by Kasanganay misses. Another combination by Kasanganay. One-two by Kasanganay. And another. Left hand by Silveira. Right hand by Silveira.


Kasanganay goes to the body, but Silveira reverses and scores a takedown. Silveira gets to Kasanganay’s back and goes for a choke, but he loses the positioning, and Kasanganay gets on top. Kasanganay then gets to Silveira’s back and looks for a bulldog choke, but Silveira gets out and gets the fight back to the feet! They return to the center of the SmartCage with just over a minute left. Kasanganay is looking for another combination. Uppercut by Kasanganay. Left hand by Silveira, who tries to lock Kasanganay back up again. Kasanganay lands a combination. Another combination by Kasanganay.




Round 2


Kasanganay with a flurry to start. Kasanganay with a short right. Small kick from Silveira. Left hand misses. Silveira goes in but Kasanganay presses him against the SmartCage. Silveira tries to land inside. Kasanganay with a couple of right hands. Silveira lands a couple of one-two combinations. Right hand to the head by Kasanganay. Silveira changes levels, but Kasanganay stuffs his takedown attempt. Kasanganay tries to throw a left kick but slips, and Silveira jumps into top position.


The two exchange with Silveira’s back near the fence. Right hand by Kasanganay. Kasanganay lands a right hand as Silveira comes in. Front kick by Kasanganay, followed up by a quick right. Jab by Silveira. Kasanganay catches a kick and lands a right. Small combinations again from Kasanganay. Kasanganay tries to go in with Silveira’s back to the fence, but Silveira lands a quick punch. Kasanganay misses a one-two. Right hand by Silveira.



Round 3


Kasanganay tries to blitz early again. Front kick by Silveira. Silveira tries for another takedown attempt but is once again stopped by Kasanganay. Kasanganay is able to work his way over to Silveira’s back and gets Silveira down. Kasanganay gets a hook in, looking to emphasize his control over Silveira. Silveira looks to work his way back to the feet. He does so, but Kasanganay lands an uppercut on him.



Overhand left by Silveira. Body shot by Kasanganay. Silveira with a jab. Silveira counters a hook with a level change, but Kasanganay stuffs the takedown once more. Kasanganay looks for a rear-naked choke. Silveira turns out, but Kasanganay keeps a hold of his back, landing some ground-and-pound. Silveira brings himself over to the fence, but Kasanganay has complete control and manages to flatten Silveira back out, returning to side control.



Round 4


Kasanganay with a huge combination very early in the round. Kasanganay landing at will as Silveira has to reposition the fight back to the center. Kasanganay with a nasty left hook. Low kick missed by Kasanganay. Silveira appears tired and hurt, trying to catch his breath. Straight right hand by Kasanganay to the belly. Left jab by Silveira. Front kick by Silveira. Right hand by Kasanganay. Both throw a jab. Kasanganay misses a left hook. Kasanganay lands a hook. Silveira goes for another takedown, but Kasanganay reverses position and gets Silveira to the fence. Silveira gets off the fence and circles around.


One-two by Kasanganay. Right hand to the body by Silveira. Right hand by Silveira. Both land a short shot. Right hand by Kasanganay as Silveira comes forward. Kasanganay with a check hook, as Silveira tries to get a better pace going. Silveira with a couple of left hands backing up Kasanganay. Silveira with a combination. Silveira with a hook. Kasanganay lands a right hand as Silveira comes forward with a knee.



Round 5


High kick by Silveira to start. Left hook and a right hand to the body by Kasanganay. The two clash. One-two by Silveira. Silveira tries to work his left jab but Kasanganay goes back. Kasanganay with a right. Another right hand by Kasanganay. Silveira misses a high kick and slips. Strong right jab by Kasanganay. Silveira tries to press Kasanganay against the fence, but Kasanganay is able to get him off. Right hand by Kasanganay. Silveira misses a right. One-two by Silveira. Kasanganay misses a right and Silveira lands a low kick. Silveira trying to walk Kasanganay down.


Silveira lands a hook and a combination. Kasanganay lands a left and Silveira answers with a hook. Kasanganay with a couple of jabs, but Silveira counters with a right hand. Silveira clinches up and lands a knee as the two go to the fence again. Kasanganay with a sharp right hand on the exit. Silveira tries to clinch again but can’t get it going. Kasanganay with a couple of shots on the inside. Kasanganay with a short right hand. Kasanganay stops another Silveira takedown attempt. Kasanganay lands a knee in the clinch. Small combination by Silveira on the inside with about 30 seconds left. Kasanganay pins Silveira against the fence.





Impa Kasanganay def. Joshua Silveira via unanimous decision (50-45, 50-45, 50-45)


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