A combat sambo specialist coming from the Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov School, Gadzhi Rabadanov brings relentless pressure to his opponents, giving them trouble over the course of his fights. Rabadanov, training partner to Khabib Nurmagomedov and Usman Nurmagomedov, enters tonight on a six-fight win streak and 12 wins in his last 13 fights. A Bellator veteran, Rabadanov was most recently in action at Bellator 297, defeating Pieter Buist.


An Xtreme Couture product, Solomon Renfro made a name for himself in the PFL last season. He turned heads with a knockout of Jarrah Al-Silawi and entered the 2023 Welterweight Playoffs, falling short in a valiant effort that saw him go the distance with eventual champion Magomed Magomedkerimov. Renfro, an all-rounder who likes to press forward, enters this fight with an 11-4 record.


Who will get their lightweight season off to the right foot in this one?



Round 1


Renfro flashes the left hand. Rabadanov tries for an overhand, but he gets countered by a flurry from Renfro. Renfro appears focused on a counterattack here. Renfro steps in but misses a right hand. Renfro lands a combination after a Rabadanov leg kick. Rabadanov tries to go in for a takedown, but Renfro lands a right hand to stop it. One-two from Renfro. Rabadanov lands a jab.


Rabadanov lands a hook. Another exchange, and Renfro gets the better of it. Rabadanov misses a hook. Renfro misses a straight to the body. Rabadanov shoots in and he scores the takedown. Rabadanov tries to get to Renfro’s back, but Renfro’s scrambling helps him out of it. Renfro stumbles Rabadanov back a bit. Left hand by Renfro. Low kick from Rabadanov, and he avoids Renfro’s counter. Renfro with a counter right. Rabadanov misses a right hand. Renfro feints a takedown attempt.




Round 2


Renfro lands a nasty jab early on. Renfro throws a combination. Rabadanov looks for another takedown, but Renfro shoves it off. Rabadanov tries again, and Renfro survives it again. Rabadanov with a couple of left hands. Low kick from Rabadanov. He goes for another, and Renfro lands a countershot. Renfro lands inside on the body. Renfro lands a left hook as he continues his counter-attack. Renfro backs Rabadanov up to the fence briefly. Rabadanov lands a left to the body. Rabadanov clinches up and he lands knees, while Renfro lands body punches.


The two in a clinch battle, as both men try to land close inside with some dirty boxing. With less than two minutes to go, Rabadanov tries for another takedown attempt, and Renfro holds him off, though his back is pinned to the SmartCage by Rabadanov. That does not last and the fight returns to the center of the SmartCage. Rabadanov lands a left hook-led combination. Front kick by Rabadanov, and he tries for another takedown and is denied once more. Rabadanov presses Renfro into the fence. A knee by Rabadanov off the break. Rabadanov with another combination. Counter left hand from Renfro. Renfro appears to go for his own takedown, but Rabadanov grabs a hold of him and brings him to the fence.



Round 3


Both men work their jabs to open the final round. Body kick by Rabadanov. Strong counter right from Renfro. Rabadanov goes in again, and this time he gets the takedown. Rabadanov quickly passes into side control and quickly tries to get a hold of Renfro’s back. Renfro tries to scramble to his feet, but Rabadanov has a hook in. Rabadanov makes his way more in and he’s mounted on Renfro’s back. Rabadanov tries to flatten him. A few punches to the head by Rabadanov.



Rabadanov gets a body triangle in. Renfro tries to find a way to escape, but Rabadanov is keeping him down with that triangle as the two battle hands. Renfro throws hands to try and loosen the grip by Rabadanov, while Rabadanov answers by returning fire and keeping him there. Renfro seems to be struggling to turn his hips. Rabadanov looks for a choke in the closing seconds. A little conversation between the two after the fight, and there’s a shove by Rabadanov! Both men have to be separated before the decision is read.






Gadzhi Rabadanov defeats Solomon Renfro by unanimous decision (29-28x3), earning 3 points in the PFL Lightweight Division