An 11-year veteran who has competed all over the world in MMA, Brett Johns won bantamweight championships on the regional circuit before jumping up to the big stages. Known as “The Pickey,” Johns proves to be an exciting fighter at 135 with nine finishes. Johns most recently fought in September, scoring a decision over Jordan Winski.


Originally starting his martial arts journey in karate, David Tonatiuh Crol transitioned into a Brazilian jiu-jitsu specialist. In fact, Crol won an adult BJJ tournament at 16 years of age. Crol, who has finishes in 10 of his 11 victories, has won three of his last four, including a victory over Asilder Badouiev in his most recent fight, taking place this past May.


This featherweight contest should be an exciting one!


Round 1

The two trading back-and-forth to start. Crol with a right hand, but Johns lands a couple of strong left hands. Crol grabs a leg and gets the takedown. Crol lands about five strikes on the ground before standing up and attacking Johns’s legs with kicks while he’s still on the ground. Johns is forced up by the referee. Crol tries to engage with combinations but Johns now scores a takedown! Johns with a few right hands from up top while Crol tries to isolate one of Johns’s legs. Crol looks for a butterfly sweep and is able to use it to get back to the feet and pin Johns against the PFL SmartCage.


Over/under against the fence, and Johns is able to score another takedown. He fires off some short shots before landing some hammer fists. Crol tries to throw up a triangle, but Johns is able to battle through it, getting into half-guard and looking for side position. Caol gets back to the feet, but Johns stays aggressive and presses him against the fence. Johns with a takedown, and as Crol gets back to the feet, Johns looks for a choke. It’s locked in as Crol tries to roll out of it. He does, but Johns gets to his back and gets into a backpack position. Johns looking for a calf slicer! Wait – it might be a Suloev stretch! Johns can’t get that but now he looks for a choke! Crol escapes it but he’s still in a dangerous position by the time the horn sounds.



Round 2


Crol attempts a high kick. Crol looks tried as Johns fires off a combination. Johns with a level change and gets another takedown. Johns staying on him, bringing pressure and easily working through Crol’s guard. Johns driving Crol into the fence, continuing to clear by Crol’s legs. Johns looking for Crol’s back and returns to the backpack position, his legs around Crol’s body. Johns looks for the Suloev stretch again! Crol avoids it, but Johns starts to work him over again.


Johns continuing to land short shots on Crol up top. Johns continues the short ground-and-pound before putting the hooks in and getting back to Crol’s back. Johns locks in a choke under the chin, but Crol is able to survive it! Johns moves back into the top position and looks to stretch out Crol again. Johns with some more left hands to Crol’s head. The shots continue to get through as Crol can’t get out of Johns’s positioning and weight on him.



Round 3


Johns with a short left hand and a sprawl as Crol went in for a takedown. Crol lands a jumping knee. Johns locks Crol up and presses him back into the fence. Johns with a couple of knees up the middle. Johns uses a body lock. Johns uses Crol’s defense against him to trip him up and get the fight back to the ground. Like last round, Johns gets past Crol’s legs, continuing to pressure Crol and work him over with strong shots from the top.


Crol counters and wrestles himself back into a top position and unloads on Johns! Johns’s defense is strong and Crol appears to have lost quite a bit of energy. From the bottom, Johns throws up a triangle and locks in a triangle choke! He doesn’t submit, but Crol takes a bunch of punishment from striking by Johns from the bottom! The referee waves it off because of that!



Brett Johns with a flat-out dominant performance!




Brett Johns def. David Tonatiuh Crol via third-round TKO (punches, 3:08)