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Official Rules & regulations

  • SmartCage™ compiles, captures, analyzes, tracks, measures, evaluates, assesses and provides real-time statistics, bio-metric data (heart rate, energy exerted), performance data (number and speed of punches and kicks), positional data, move-by-move actions, analytics, information, trends, graphic enhancements and voting results about and related to MMA events, entertainment, fighters and audience engagement.
  • Debuted 2021 Season on ESPN2 & ESPN+.
  • Innovative video product/immersive viewing that provides fans and television viewers a game-changing live event experience with real-time data and stats.
  • Enabled by proprietary PFL technology that includes a downloadable software platform, software tools, sensors, electronic receivers, transmitters of electronic signals, LCD displays, computer peripherals and wearable activity trackers.
  • Used for first time in MMA.
  • Endorsed and approved by state athletic commissions.
  • Example of SmartCage™ as currently used and provided to viewers is here and here.
  • Cagenomics™ is the display and dissemination to MMA entertainment fans and viewers of data and stats captured and tracked by SmartCage™.
  • The data and stats displayed by and that comprise Cagenomics™ include: live impact speed, bio-metrics (heart rate, energy exerted), performance (number and speed of punches, kicks and takedowns), positional data, move-by-move actions, cage control, distance traveled.
  • Example of Cagenomics™ as currently used and provided to viewers is here.
  • GhostCam™ is the proprietary technology, the videography and photography services, and the television and video show/program production, filming and recording services, provided by PFL to viewers that allows fans to view the action in the SmartCage without the interference of the cage mesh for an "in the cage" viewing experience.
  • Example of GhostCam™ as currently used and provided to viewers is here.