Goiti Yamauchi is a veteran of the sport, earning a black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and a regional featherweight title before signing on with Bellator, earning a 14-5 record in the promotion. Yamauchi, who is looking for his 30th professional win here tonight, has 24 victories via stoppage, including 21 via submission, 18 of which have come in the first round. In April, Yamamuchi, who suffered a ruptured patella tendon in March 2023, made a successful PFL debut with a decision win over Neiman Gracie.


Andrey Koreshkov is a veteran of the Bellator welterweight division, winning the season 7 and 10 welterweight tournaments and defeating Douglas Lima to score his sole reign as Bellator welterweight champion. A Master of Sport in Army Combat Fighting, Koreshkov has a 27-5 record in MMA thus far, which includes 18 stoppages, 14 of which have come in the first round. Koreshkov dropped a decision to Magomed Umalatov in his PFL debut in April.


In this battle of finishers, Yamamuchi can clinch a playoff spot with a finish in any round. Koreshkov, meanwhile, is in a win-or-go-home scenario here.



Round 1


Both men flash jabs. Body kick from Yamauchi. Yamauchi misses a low kick. The two clash with kicks, but it’s Koreshkov’s right kick and right hand that drops Yamauchi! Koreshkov allows him back to his feet. Spinning back kick to the body of Yamauchi backs Yamauchi up. Round kick by Koreshkov. Yamauchi presses Koreshkov and scores a takedown. Koreshkov gets to his feet, but Yamauchi takes his back. Yamauchi has his back against the fence but readjusts as the two battle for wrist control. The two standing there. Yamauchi jumps up and pushes his foot off the fence, but Koreshkov not having any of it.



Yamauchi keeping a hold of the back. Yamauchi tries to bring the fight back down; Koreshkov warned for his hand in the cage. Yamauchi has the fight back on the mat and has a back take. Yamauchi has a body triangle around Koreshkov. Yamauchi trying to land with the right hand. Yamauchi wants a choke it seems, but Koreshkov is defending well and staying relaxed. Yamauchi landing the right hand again. Yamauchi gets an arm around the neck and applying pressure. Koreshkov tries to punch out of the crank, and he does. Yamauchi has his way, however, and landing with the right hand. Yamauchi rides it out to the bell.




Round 2


Low kick from Koreshkov. Jab and a hook for Koreshkov. One-two from Koreshkov but Yamauchi with a right hand. Koreshkov misses an overhand. Koreshkov with a big knee, and he’s on the attack. Yamauchi tries for a high kick, but it’s blocked! Koreshkov takes Yamauchi off his feet with a big uppercut! Koreshkov on the ground now and getting to work with ground-and-pound! Yamauchi aware and blocking, but Koreshkov landing right hand after right hand. Left hammerfists from Koreshkov now. Yamauchi tries to grab a hold of him from the bottom and get a breather. Koreshkov landing to the body now.



Yamauchi trying to keep Koreshkov down and prevent working. Koreshkov tries to free himself but he’s battling in the middle of Yamauchi’s guard. Koreshkov postures up and lands the right hand again. Yamauchi tries to open his guard and attack, but Koreshkov is preventing his offense. Yamauchi tries to lock Koreshkov down to stop the offense. Yamauchi landing a couple of hooks upstairs from the bottom. Koreshkov landing a couple of knees to Yamauchi’s legs. Koreshkov gets a couple of more strikes in before the bell.




Round 3


Koreshkov with a low kick. Yamauchi flashing the right jab. Another big knee from Koreshkov, but Yamauchi was ready. Overhand from Koreshkov is countered with a body lock and takedown by Yamauchi. Koreshkov understands his positioning and is able to get up easily. Low kick from Koreshkov. High kick misses for Koreshkov. Spinning back kick by Koreshkov. Round kick from Yamauchi. One-two from Yamauchi, and he follows that with a life and a takedown.


Yamauchi throwing the left hand on the ground. Koreshkov throws a couple of right hands. Yamauchi works his way into full mount with 90 seconds remaining. Right hand from Koreshkov, and he’s warned for landing to the back of the head. The two exchanging on the ground with 45 seconds remaining. Yamauchi landing a few left hands. Koreshkov tries to use his legs to push off the cage and roll through, but Yamauchi goes for an armbar! Koreshkov escapes it and gets on top, landing several strikes before the bell.






Andrey Koreshkov defeats Goiti Yamauchi by unanimous decision (29-27x2, 29-28) earning 3 points in the PFL Welterweight Division.

  • Koreshkov moves his career record to 28-5