Alex Chizov, who is 10-1 in his professional career, enters this bout on a seven-fight win streak. Chizov — a striking specialist who is the current WWFC welterweight champion and former LNK lightweight champion — made his PFL debut last year during the PFL Playoffs card in London. There, Chizov scored a second-round submission of Omar Hussein Abufarah in a showcase bout.


Acoidan Duque has fought 21 times since his professional debut in 2009, scoring 16 victories. While he is a striking specialist, Duque has shown proficiency on the ground with 10 submission wins. A veteran of UAE Warriors, Bellator, and M-1, Duque last fought in October at UAE Warriors 34, dropping a decision to Martun Mezhlumyan.


The winner of this fight will move on to the lightweight portion of the PFL Playoffs on September 30 in Paris, where he’ll face the winner of tonight’s John Mitchell vs. Geisym Derouiche matchup.


Duque comes into this fight with a one-point deduction automatically due to missing weight.



Round 1


Duque goes for a low kick, but Chizov counters with a left. Chizov comes forward to start things off. Duque lands a left hook and level changes. Duque looks for a double-leg takedown, and Chizov offers resistance, but Duque gets it. Duque looks to work in the top position, but Chizov is able to get out of some trouble by sitting up against the SmartCage. Duque scrambles, however, and gets to Chizov’s back, looking to score a rear-naked choke. Chizov gets back to his feet, but Duque is still on his back and brings him back down.



Duque is able to get both hooks in, seeking the rear-naked choke. He gets it in deep, but Chizov is able to somehow fight through it and gets out of it! Duque keeps his body triangle on, as he continues to try and work Chizov over. Duque looks for a choke again, but Chizov escapes once more. Duque can’t get the submission but is able to maintain control until the horn.




Round 2


Duque shuffles along the outside of the SmartCage to start off the round, while Chizov appears patient to show off power. Body shot by Chizov. Right hand by Chizov. Duque lands inside, but he appears a little tired from the unsuccessful chokes. Low kick by Duque, as Chizov continues to land single shots. Left hook missed for Duque. Low kick from Duque. Duque comes in, but Chizov gets out of the way and lands a straight to catch Duque trying to come in again.


Left hand to the body, followed by a solid jab from Chizov. Right hand lands to the body again for Chizov. Chizov lands to the body, and it seems to rock Duque a bit. Duque tries to come in for another takedown, but Chizov sprawls and lands again. Chizov works a combination as he slowly but surely works over Duque. Left hand by Chizov and a low kick by Duque. Right overhand is missed by Duque, and Chizov connects with the jab again. Duque’s takedown attempt is stopped again, and Chizov begins to make him pay with a flurry of strikes. But Duque manages to save himself by scoring a takedown in the round’s final minute!




Round 3


Chizov on the front foot, looking to continue to maintain control. Both men land hooks as they slowly trade. Duque grabs the leg and is able to score the takedown. Duque searches for an arm-triangle choke on a couple of occasions there, but Chizov does a good job at defending as he finds himself in half-guard. Duque manages to keep Chizov on the ground despite his best efforts to get back to his feet, as Duque re-captures Chizov’s back.


Chizov tries to return to the feet in the center of the SmartCage, but Duque easily brings him back down. Duque is able to slip into side control as he tries to make something happen. Chizov again returns to his feet for a brief second before he’s returned to the ground in a bottom position. Chizov again gets back to his feet, but Duque has a backpack hold on him. Yet again, Duque brings the fight back down. In the last 20 seconds, Duque spins himself around and looks for an armbar but is unable to get it. Duque goes for one more choke, but he can’t get it, as the final horn sounds.





Acoidan Duque def. Alex Chizov via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)


NOTE: For league purposes, the fight resulted in a Unanimous Draw due to Duque missing weight (28-28x3). Per PFL Europe rules, Duque was deducted 1 point from the judges' scorecards for league purposes for missing weight. Also per the PFL Europe rules, in the case of a draw, the fighter who missed weight loses the tiebreaker, therefore Alex Chizov advances to the PFL Europe Lightweight Playoffs.


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