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Olivier Aubin-Mercier vs Clay Collard | Lightweight: Road to the Million

2022 Lightweight World Champion Olivier Aubin-Mercier has maintained his perfect record in the PFL and made his way back to another championship fight. Somehow “The Canadian Gangster” has upstaged last year’s title run by adding 2 knockout finishes en route to the finals this year. In the other corner, we have the PFL’s most entertaining fighter, Clay Collard who has also looked extremely impressive this year with 3 clear victories, his last one coming in a Fight of the Year nominee over Shane Burgos in the playoffs in which he threw over 400 strikes in 3 rounds to secure a unanimous decision and find himself in his first ever PFL Championship.

With Aubin-Mercier looking more dangerous than ever, and “Cassius” putting on consistent memorable performances, tune in to find out who can capture the lightweight world championship. Can Aubin-Mercier go back-to-back, or will Collard finally achieve the goal he has been chasing for the past 3 seasons?

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