Lewis McGrillen started his amateur MMA career at 16 years old, winning eight fights and earning amateur gold at flyweight. Since making his professional MMA debut in 2021, McGrillen’s winning ways have only continued, scoring all eight of his wins by knockout – with six of them coming in the first round. McGrillen competed in the first two PFL Europe cards earlier this year, knocking out Salih Kulucan and Amrali Saidoshurov.


A striking specialist, Weslley Maia is a ten-year MMA veteran who makes his PFL Europe debut here tonight. Maia began his career at flyweight before moving up to bantamweight and sports seven finishes in his eight victories thus far. Maia comes into this fight off back-to-back victories, most recently earning a decision over Shirzrad Qadrian in July..


Which one of these two will come out on top and impress in this bantamweight bout?


Round 1


Maia continuously switches stances at the gate, while McGrillen bounces in and out in that usual SBG style. McGrillen lands to the body. A low kick on the inside from Maia. The two staying focused in the center of the cage. Right hand and a powerful kick by Maia. Maia lands a shot on the nose and McGrillen stumbles a bit. Low kick from Maia. McGrillen goes to the body again with his punches. Another right hand from Maia. Maia with another leg kick. Left to the body by McGrillen. McGrillen misses a power left. High kick bounces off McGrillen’s guard. McGrillen goes for another power left, but Maia catches him with a counter punch.


Maia shoots in and scores a takedown on McGrillen. Both men landing while on the ground, but Maia is deterring McGrillen’s attempts to bring the fight back to the feet. McGrillen gets it back there, but Maia trips him back up and brings the fight back down. McGrillen returns to the feet again, but Maia slams him down. Maia looks to take the back in the closing seconds of the round and locks in a body triangle but that’s all he’ll get.



Round 2


The two exchange early and Maia gets McGrillen to stumble again! Maia presses him against the fence and pressures McGrillen, scoring another takedown. Maia gets the body triangle again and is at McGrillen’s back. Maia trying to work in spite of the fence against them. Maia raises his triangle and trying to lock up a reverse triangle around the neck and/or arm. McGrillen manages to get Maia off but the two engage in a body lock again. McGrillen struggles to create space between them as Maia brings the two back to the fence, pressing McGrillen’s back against it.



McGrillen creates distance and throws a kick that gets Maia off-balance briefly! Maia continuing to work and grabs at McGrillen’s leg, but McGrillen shoves him off this time. McGrillen coming forward with strikes, bouncing in and out. Maia lands a knee before shooting back in for another takedown. Maia gets McGrillen against the SmartCage again but McGrillen putting up a strong defensive effort here. McGrillen gets Maia off his legs and they return toward the middle of the SmartCage with their striking. Maia makes McGriddle miss and locks up with him again. McGriddle, however, forces Maia back with several punches. The two exchange again before the horn.


Round 3


McGrillen trying to bring Maia to the fence with his pressure. Left hand by Maia. Maia with a low kick. Combination by McGrillen. Maia with a couple of kicks to the body and legs, while McGrillen continues to press forward. Left hand lands for McGrillen. Maia tries to press, but McGrillen lands. McGrillen landing to the body with his left hand. Maia trying to focus on leg kicks and eliminate McGrillen’s power. Maia slips a left from McGrillen and presses him up against the fence once more trying for another takedown.


McGrillen stuffing the takedown attempt as he tries to lock up Maia’s arms. McGrillen lands a side kick but misses with a left hand. McGrillen seems to have more energy at this point. Body kick by Maia. Maia lands a right with his back near the fence. McGrillen lands a right to the head. Maia comes in to tie McGrillen up, looking for a single-leg takedown. McGrillen instead is the one who gets on top as this fight goes to the ground. McGrillen tries to get work going there in the last minute, though Maia’s guard stuffs some of that a bit.



Wesley Maia def. Lewis McGrillen via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)