The Professional Fighters League and Sugar23 have partnered together on a new studio. The partnership will focus on two main areas — producing mixed martial arts (MMA) content that will not air live, as well as creating entertainment opportunities for the league’s star fighters.

The new content collaboration will include both long and short-form content, designed to be featured on various media platforms.

Sugar23 will also develop and foster opportunities for fighters to appear in entertainment projects and will lead efforts with PFL Studios to create and field opportunities to develop and monetize the profiles and personal brands of these athletes.

Mixed Martial Arts has a global audience of 550 million fans, which it says makes it the third largest sports audience, behind only soccer and basketball. Its fans are also younger and more digitally engaged than the audiences for other sports, making them a coveted demographic. The PFL is the first and only league to present MMA in the sports-season format where individual fighters compete in a regular season before advancing to playoff and championship rounds.