Watch Bruno Santos Live July 5 at PFL3 in DC

Imagine you’ve dreamt of an opportunity for a long time. Then it comes along. When it does, though, it’s at a time when you weren’t really expecting it. Hell, you’re not even sure if you want it at all.

That’s how Bruno Santos (16-2), who meets Sadibou Sy (6-2) at PFL 3 on Thursday, describes getting his UFC call in 2013.

“I wasn’t going to say no,” Santos told MMAjunkie. “Perhaps I kind of even wanted to say no. I didn’t want it, for no specific reason – I just didn’t want to fight anymore. But then the opportunity appeared, and I thought maybe that would be the thing to get me to want it again.”

Santos had reasons to be less-than-enthused about fighting then…

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