A finalist in the 2019 PFL Season, Brazil’s Larissa Pacheco (14-4) returned to the PFL cage in the season’s third event looking to take the first step toward a playoff spot. She welcomed fellow Lightweight Julija Pajić (3-1) of Montenegro to the League. Pacheco, a UFC veteran, went the distance with champion Kayla Harrison on two occasions during last season. Pajić joined the League after scoring three stoppages to open her career.


A left hook from Pacheco dropped Pajić immediately after the fight began. The Brazilian jumped right into mount and dropped a barrage of punches. Pajić tried to defend, but Pacheco simply battered her with right hands until the referee halted the contest.


Pacheco roared in victory, earning a quick six points in the Women's Lightweight standings. The first-round stoppage was the fastest finish in the division’s history to date and launched Pacheco to the top of the standings.


Larissa Pacheco def. Julija Pajić by TKO (punches). Round 1, 0:51