After defeating Tobias Baker in the PFL Challenger Series in 2022, the undefeated Simeon Powell made a statement to PFL officials with finishes of Clinton Williams and Joao Fagundes during the 2022 PFL season. Since then, Powell has impressed in PFL Europe this year. He now finds himself one fight away from achieving one of the inaugural PFL Europe championships and a $100,000 grand prize. After a second-round technical submission of Mohmed Amine in March, Powell earned a decision over Daniel Ladero in September to make his way to the title fight tonight.


Jakob Nedoh lost his first professional MMA bout at the young age of 18 but hasn’t lost since returning to the sport in 2017. With six of his seven wins coming via a finish, Nedoh has torn through the competition in PFL Europe so far, scoring back-to-back first-round finishes against Riccardo Nosiglia and Anthony Salamone.


Who will have the honor to win the first championship and $100,000 given out in PFL Europe history? And which light heavyweight will get to earn a spot on the PFL global roster?


Round 1


Nedoh with a right hand. Powell with a calf kick. The two patient with their shots early. Powell side stepping around the outside. Nedoh with a small combination, and Powell gets out of the way. Powell with more calf kicks. Nedoh misses with a left hand he comes in with. One-two from Nedoh, and his pressure brings Powell to the fence. Low kick and a left hand from Powell. Body lock by Powell presses Nedoh against the PFL SmartCage. Nedoh reverses the position.


Nedoh picks up Powell and slams him down. Powell works right back to his feet, but Nedoh still has a hold of Powell’s back. Nedoh lands a suplex, but Powell gets right back up. Powell’s chest now presses up against the fence. Powell reverses and gets out of it, but Nedoh fires off a flurry. The two trading, and Powell lands on the inside! Powell backs away and creates distance. Nedoh counters by locking up Powell against the fence again. Jumping knee from Powell. Right hand by Powell! Nedoh lands a right hand and tries to stop Powell’s defense. The two trade in a body lock and Nedoh presses Powell against the SmartCage again before the horn.



Round 2


The two clash with their first shots. Nedoh lands a strong right, but Powell lands another calf kick. Those low kicks are doing damage to Nedoh’s legs. Nedoh tries to come forward, but he’s slower and Powell is able to get out of the way. Another low kick by Powell. Nedoh cracks Powell with a right hand and left hook, and Powell goes down! Nedoh with some follow-up shots and that’s all!



Jakob Nedoh is the light heavyweight champion of PFL Europe! 




Jakob Nedoh def. Simeon Powell via second-round KO (punches, 1:16)