The PFL 6, 2021 fight card rolled on Friday evening with a Women’s Lightweight showdown between Taylor Guardado and Laura Sanchez. 

Guardado entered the fight fresh off a unanimous-decision victory over Olena Kolesnyk at PFL 3, 2021, giving her three points toward the PFL Playoffs. Sanchez, meanwhile, lost her last fight to Genah Fabian at the same event, putting her in a must-win — and must-win-quickly — situation against Guardado. 

Here’s how the action shook out inside the cage: 

Round 1 

Sanchez, at 6-foot-1, enjoys a significant height and reach advantage over the 5-foot-6 Guardado here. No big deal for Guardado, though, as she immediately explodes for a takedown and gets it, planting Sanchez on her back. Guardado works from half guard briefly before Sanchez recovers full guard. 

While Guardado clearly has the advantage here, Sanchez is active off her back, looking to set up a submission. Guardado makes her pay with some ground-and-pound, but Sanchez immediately gets back to work, climbing her legs up Guardado’s back to set up a triangle or armbar attempt. 

Sanchez does well here, using the cage to walk back to her feet. Guardado is all over her, though, pressing her against the cage and looking to set up another takedown. While Sanchez briefly disengages to work back from range, the round ends before any further action can ensue. 

Round 2 

Early leg kick from Guardado finds its mark, and she shoots for another takedown. Beautiful counter from Sanchez, who reverses and winds up on top. Excellent work there from her. She looks for an arm-triangle choke, but Guardado counters it absolutely perfectly, exploding and sweeping Sanchez to get back to top position. 

That’s some exciting grappling early in this frame. Again, Guardado has top position, but there’s little happening. Sanchez, to her credit, isn’t allowing Guardado to tee off or to advance position, creating a bit of a stalemate on the ground. Sanchez gets to her feet momentarily, but Guardado drags her right back to the canvas. 

This time, Sanchez does throw up the triangle, and she sets it briefly before Guardado powers out to safety. No doubt, Guardado has the wrestling advantage here, but Sanchez is keeping it interesting from her back. The round ends with Guardado in top position, working some ground-and-pound. 

Round 3 

No touch of the gloves, and Guardado ducks in immediately, pushing Sanchez against the cage before hitting a beautiful inside trip. She’s back on top just 15 seconds into the final round. 

Sanchez works to the cage and attempts to wall-walk, but Guardado’s corner smartly instructs her to suck Sanchez’s hips back toward the center of the cage, which she does immediately. That said, Sanchez again gets to the fence and works to her feet. They clinch against the cage, Sanchez landing some knees inside. Now, Sanchez looks for the ninja choke, snaking her long arms around Guardado’s neck. Guardado counters with a high single, and it works, as she slams Sanchez to the mat, forcing her to release the submission attempt. 

Guardado transitions to mount with 1:45 to go in the fight. Sanchez bucks twice but can’t shake her, so she rolls, forcing a scramble. Guardado gets too high on Sanchez’s back and appears to look for the armbar, but it’s not there, and now Sanchez finds herself on top inside Guardado’s full guard. 

The fight ends with Sanchez and Guardado trading blows on the ground. We’ll see what the judges decide here. 


Guardado’s takedowns and top control made the difference, as all three judges gave her the fight and three more points toward the Women’s Lightweight standings. 

Official Result: Taylor Guardado def. Laura Sanchez via unanimous decision (30-27 x3)