Coming from a family full of strikers in karate and kickboxing, Connor Hughes won several championships in both disciplines growing up before making his professional MMA debut in 2021. Currently sporting a 7-1 record, Hughes has stoppages in six of those victories, with five coming in the first round (and four of those coming by submission). Hughes took part in the lightweight division of PFL Europe this year but dropped a unanimous decision to Dylan Tuke in July. He now looks to rebound from suffering his first professional loss.


A black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu who made his professional MMA debut in 2016, Sebastian Santana Guedes has six submissions in his 10 wins in the sport. Guedes also fought on the July PFL Europe card, losing via second-round TKO to Anatolij Baal. Between then and now, Guedes has had one other fight, submitting Andrija Stojiljkovi in September.


Future opportunities with the PFL may be up for grabs in this lightweight showcase.


Round 1


A couple of low kicks from Hughes to start. Guedes throws a right. Another low kick from Hughes. Front kick from Hughes is missed. Another Hughes low kick. High kick lands for Hughes, however, and Guedes felt that one! Guedes shoots in for a takedown, but Hughes stuffs it! Guedes keeps going for it, but Hughes gets him down. Guedes closes up his guard near the PFL SmartCage. Hughes stacks him briefly. Guedes tries to spin and go for a leg to get out, but Hughes continues to hold him down. Hughes has a triangle wrapped around Guedes’s legs.


Hughes throws a couple of rights while staying close and keeping Guedes down. Hughes continues to throw a few punches to the body. Guedes is trying to get something going with the hold on Hughes’s leg, but nothing is happening there. Hughes’s leg is trapped but he’s doing a good job keeping his weight down. Hughes gets his leg free and the fight gets back to the feet. Right hand by Hughes knocks Guedes down! Ground-and-pound from Hughes! Guedes tries to grab at the arms but can’t get it. Guedes covers up as Hughes rains down some more shots! Guedes throws up his guard, and Hughes stands up before the bell!



Round 2


Guedes tried to shoot in right away, looking to get Hughes’s leg again, but Hughes saw it coming. Guedes is forced back to his feet. Low kick from Hughes. Guedes misses a left hand. Hughes with a body shot. Hughes with a low kick. Hughes just misses a right hand. Hughes stays patient and lands another low kick. Kick to the body by Hughes. Round kick to the legs by Hughes. Hughes misses a left hook and goes for a takedown. Hughes sprawls and ends up on top in Guedes’s guard. Right hand from the bottom by Guedes. A couple of right hands from Hughes.


Hughes brings the fight back to the feet halfway through the round. Another low kick from Hughes. Right hand and left hook combination from Hughes. Hughes continues to work over the front leg. Hughes with a couple of strong left hands. Another one-two and a leg kick from Hughes. Guedes tries for the takedown again, but Hughes reverses. Guedes tries to get after Hughes’s leg again and looks for a kneebar. Guedes tries to create space and he’s getting closer to locking it in. Hughes lands a couple of body shots, and Guedes can’t get it before the horn.


But wait a minute! Guedes grimacing in pain on the ground from those couple of body shots before the horn! He can’t get up! The referee waves the fight off! It’s a TKO for Connor Hughes!



Hughes with a dominant performance filled with striking and defense!




Connor Hughes def. Sebastian Santana Guedes via second-round TKO (punches, 5:00)