High-profile Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belts Antonio Carlos Jr. and Vinny Magalhaes closed the PFL 5, 2021 preliminary card on ESPN+. 

While seven points separated the two fighters in the PFL Light Heavyweight standings — Carlos Jr. earned a first-round submission victory in April and Magalhaes failed to compete in his first scheduled bout of the season — there was no doubt this fight had the makings of an instant classic should it hit the floor. 

Here’s how things played out in Atlantic City, N.J. 

Round 1 

They touch gloves, and Magalhaes gets to work with some kicks. Carlos Jr. lands a nice jab and appears to be setting up the right. Nice combination from Carlos Jr. lands, finishing with a solid left hook to the body. 

Magalhaes is kicking almost exclusively early, trying to keep Carlos Jr. at range. Two leg kicks land from Magalhaes, and Carlos Jr. presses forward, initiating a scramble that leads to a clinch against the cage. 

Carlos Jr. presses Magalhaes against the cage and looks for knees inside. Unfortunately, he clips his foe below the belt, and the referee separates them, giving Magalhaes time to recover. 

Not looking great here. They bring a bucket into the cage for Magalhaes, who is clearly struggling to recover from the low blow. 


Magalhes couldn’t regroup, and he remained down even after the bell signified the end of the bout. Both fighters will receive one point as a result, and Carlos Jr. will stroll into the 2021 PFL Playoffs. 

Official Result: Antonio Carlos, Jr. and Vinny Magalhaes ends in no-contest (unintentional low blow from Carlos Jr. in Round 1)