Ray Cooper III is a Professional Fighters League welterweight finalist for the second year in a row. This season, he will face Ultimate Fighting Championship veteran David Michaud on New Year’s Eve in Madison Square Garden’s Hulu Theater. Although it may be a new year, the 26-year-old plans to use the same punching power that helped him reach the finals in consecutive years. This will not come as a surprise to his opponent, who believes that Cooper III may have merely a puncher’s chance on fight night.

In a recent conversation with Sherdog, Michaud was questioned on what he thinks is the biggest threat with which he is faced in Cooper III. The “Bulldawg” pointed to one very specific aspect of his opponent’s game.

“As soon as we get out there, he’s going to throw those big nasty hooks at me and try to knock me out,” Michaud told Sherdog. “When you’ve got a guy with knockout power like that, it’s always going to be the biggest danger. He puts everything he’s got into every strike, which is dangerous.”