A former rugby player, Yazid Chouchane won his first five fights, including a lightweight tournament, before a four-year absence from MMA. Since his return in 2017, he’s gone 4-3, with four wins in his last five fights. He most recently fought in February, scoring a decision over Yabna N’Tchalá.


A kickboxing specialist, Henrique Madureira will be competing in his first MMA bout in three years tonight. The 34-year-old, who has finishes in all six of his victories and holds a 6-2 professional MMA record, defeated Geovani Chieppe via second-round TKO in September 2020. He made his pro debut in 2016.


This lightweight showcase bout presents a chance for both men to get more future opportunities with the PFL.



Round 1


Chouchane forces Madureira back with a right hand. Madureira throws a kick, but it gets caught, and he’s made to eat a series of right hands from Chouchane. Chouchane comes after him with another flurry. Big head kick from Madureira, but Chouchane drops him with a left hook. Madureira gets up, but he looks a little wobbled. Left hand from Chouchane. Spinning back kick missed for Madureira. Combination with a big body kick from Chouchane. Chouchane dodges a front kick from Madureira. Low kick and a right hand from Chouchane drops Madureira again. Some hammer fists from Chouchane before Madureira gets back up.



A combination from Chouchane catches Madureira coming in. Spinning kick from Madureira barely connects. One-two lands for Chouchane. A strong left hook lands for Madureira, but the action is paused for an eye poke. Couchane continued to land kicks upon the fight’s resumption. High kick from Chouchane. Low kick from Chouchane. Madureira goes in for a kick, but Chouchane fires off a counter one-two. Chouchane scores a takedown with about 30 seconds left. Chouchane with some big ground-and-pound in the closing seconds.



Round 2


Body kick from Madureira. Combination from Chouchane. Madureira lands a big right hand out of nowhere that drops Chouchane! He fires off some shots as Chouchane tries to recover. Madureira looking for a choke, but Chouchane manages to recover and get out of it, getting in top control. Madureira grabs a hold of Chouchane’s arm, looking for a kimura. Madureira trying to get back to his feet, but Chouchane keeping busy and keeping Madureira down.


Chouchane landing several puhnches to the head of Madureira. A buggy choke attempt, and Chouchane continues to pound away at the head of Madureira. Chouchane gets to Madureira’s back and manages to lock in an arm-triangle choke.




Round 3


Low kick from Chouchane to start. Another low kick. Chouchane catches a kick from Madureira and delivers a right. Madureira jumps forward and lands nothing. Chouchane grabs the double-leg and scores the takedown. Chouchane lands a couple of hammer fists, battling in Madureira’s guard, but the referee calls for more action. Madureira looking to land from the bottom. A right hand from Chouchane allows him to pass into half-guard, nearly into side control.


Chouchane not landing much effectively in terms of power, but his activity is preventing Madureira from getting anything going and keeping him down on the mat. Chouchane showcases a good ability to work with small distances. Chouchane landed a couple of hooks to the head of Madureira.





Yazid Chouchane defeats Henrique Madureira by unanimous decision


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