Professional Fighters League co-Founder & Chair DONN DAVIS knows the circuit's highly-anticipated New Year's Eve bout at MSG is still over a month away, but that does not stop the longtime DC venture capitalist from putting in the hours he feels are necessary for the league to attain success -- even if that means sacrificing some free-time on the weekends. Davis caught up with THE DAILY earlier this week during DC's first snow of the winter, "school cancellations and everything," to touch on the PFL's first year and how he balances his heavy workload with being a father.

THE DAY JOB: I focus on our innovation and business model. How are we disrupting the model of MMA, how are we re-imagining MMA, how are we going to become a new market leader? We focus on hiring and recruiting the team and then creating business development partnerships. We’ve quickly become the new fight in town. We’ve turned a majority of our focus on the PFL Championship on New Year’s Eve at Madison Square Garden. It’s going to be a historic night where we’ll crown six world champions in six weight classes. Only a dozen MMA athletes have ever earned $1M in a fight, whereas we’ll award six $1M checks to our respective champions in one night.