After coming up short in last year’s Women’s Flyweight Championship bout against Dakota Ditcheva, Valentina Scatizzi is back and looking to score PFL Europe gold. The SBG Ireland product, with experience at both strawweight and flyweight, has gone 2-2 in professional MMA thus far. Last season also saw Scatizzi score a split decision win over Lizzy Gevers.


A jiu-jitsu and submission specialist, Marie Loiseau has used her ground experience to lead her to the six wins in her 6-4 record, which includes three victories by tapout. Known for her ability to overcome adversity, Loiseau has won three of her last four. She most recently fought in November, scoring a submission of Katarzyna Sadura.


Who will get their hand raised in this women’s flyweight regular-season bout?



Round 1


Scatizzi goes in with a flurry right away, trying to land what she can as she takes control right away. Left straight lands for Loiseau. Scatizzi tries to get inside as she continues to flurry in. Scatizzi landed several right hands that found the mark. Loiseau tries to use her height to her advantage, but Scatizzi continues to press and gets Loiseau against the fence. Loiseau reverses the position, but Scatizzi uses leverage to bring her down and lands several right hands to the face of Loiseau.


Loiseau manages to get back to her feet, but she still finds herself in some trouble. With 2:10 left in the round, Loiseau was able to reverse the position. Scatizzi, however, ties her up against the SmartCage once again. The referee calls for action as Scatizzi pins Loiseau against the fence again. Loiseau steps across but cannot get the takedown. Scatizzi pushes Loiseau against the fence again. After several warnings from the referee, he finally separates them and brings the fight standing with about 40 seconds left. Head kick and a left hand from Loiseau. Round kick to the body by Loiseau. Scatizzi tries to throw, but Loiseau brings her to the fence right before the horn.



Round 2


Scatizzi pressures again to start the round. Loiseau keeps patient, but Scatizzi continues to push forward. Low kick by Loiseau. Low kick again from Loiseau, but Scatizzi with a left hand. Right hand by Loiseau catches Scatizzi coming in. Loiseau continuously switching stances so far in the second round. Jab by Scatizzi. Angle uppercut by Loiseau, but Scatizzi answers with a right hand. Straight to the body by Scatizzi starts up a combination.


Body kick from Loiseau. Scatizzi pushes the pace again and pins Loiseau against the fence. Knee to the body by Scatizzi as Loiseau squeezes the underhook. Loiseau with a knee to the midsection of her own. And now the two trading knees to the stomach and legs. Scatizzi continues to press. The referee calls for more activity with a minute left in the round. Loiseau tries to throw left hands to the body. The two jockey for position after the referee’s inactivity warning. Scatizzi presses Loiseau into the fence once more before the horn.



Round 3


Scatizzi throws a couple of straight lefts. Low kick by Loiseau. Right hand by Scatizzi. Left hand by Scatizzi. Low kick by Loiseau is answered again. Loiseau with a clinch and a knee. Scatizzi throws a couple of combinations as she’s showing the pressure again. Right hand by Scatizzi. Left hand to the body by Scatizzi. Right hand by Scatizzi forces Loiseau back. Loiseau with a front kick up the middle, but Scatizzi just eats it. Scatizzi with several left hands, followed by a one-two.


Left hand by Scatizzi. Scatizzi lands a right hand to the midsection. Loiseau changes levels as Scatizzi throws hands, but Scatizzi changes levels and defends the takedown, bringing Loiseau over to the fence. Scatizzi remains in control with her pressure against the fence as the two trade knees and punches.





Valentina Scatizzi defeats Marie Loiseau by unanimous decision (30-27x3), advancing to the 2024 PFL Europe Women’s Flyweight Playoffs.