PFL Europe’s first-ever season fight is a Women’s Flyweight Division bout between the Dutch judoka Lizzy Gevers and Valentina Scatizzi, who fights out of the infamous Straight Blast Gym in Dublin, Ireland. Gevers won her only two professional fights by submission, and trains with former UFC Women’s Featherweight Champion Germaine de Randamie. 

Round 1 


Valentina Scatizzi starts out very aggressive and pushes the fight to the fence of the SmartCage early. Scatizzi pulls Gevers to the floor for the first takedown of the fight. Lizzy Gevers hasn’t really had the space to create offensively, no space to move her hips in the clinch against the fence.




Scatizzi continues looking for a takedown in the middle stages of the round but also has a kimura grip. The Italian national wants to keep the fight against the fence, but Gevers is able to get the fight back to the center of the SmartCage.


Gevers now turns the tables and is pressing Scatizzi to the fence, but can’t keep the pressure up on Scatizzi. Gevers shows great balance in the clinch to avoid Valentina Scatizzi’s takedown attempt. 


Round 2


Big punches are thrown by both fighters early in the second round as the two flyweights meet in the middle of the SmartCage. Gevers looks more comfortable in space and finds the range with her left hand. Scatizzi is putting power behind all of her punches, but Lizzy Gevers is keeping those punches from landing flush with some nice head and body movement. 


Scatizzi is looking to close the distance to Gevers and let the hands go, but Gevers is staying careful and keeping the Italian at a jab’s length. Gevers has definitely found the range, but Scatizzi lands one of the best jabs of the round with about a minute to go.


Scatizzi’s corner calls for the level change but she continues to trust her striking, landing a few more stiff jabs before the end of the round. A spinning backfist from Gevers gets some oohs and ahhs from the Newcastle crowd before the second round horn.


Round 3


Neither fighter can be sure of their standing after the first ten minutes, so both come to round three hungry for victory. If Gevers can continue to find the range, she can take control with her jabs. Scatizzi was at her best in the first round, upping the pressure against the fence, but has looked very capable with the hands as well.


Lizzy Gevers continues to pace around the SmartCage, with Scatizzi opting to control the center. Scatizzi has found success when walking Gevers down, but Gevers has kicks and the length behind them to do damage. A big head kick from Gevers lands but credit to Scatizzi for taking it and pushing the fight to the fence.


Scatizzi kept herself in the fight by taking the battle to the fence after the big head kick, but couldn't find the energy for a takedown. A few more head kick attempts from Gevers come up empty, and Scatizzi lands a big strike right before the horn. Anyone’s contest as the fight heads to the scorecards.




Valentina Scatizzi def. Lizzy Gevers by Split Decision (29-28 Gevers, 30-27 Scatizzi, 29-28 Scatizzi)