Keeping it moving, a familiar face returns to the SmartCage as Taylor Johnson takes on Trey Williams.  You may remember Johnson from last year’s Challenger Series where he secured a victory over Alexander Poppeck but ultimately was not awarded a contract. Williams meanwhile was a United States Marine before transitioning to professional MMA. In a clash of two well credentialed grapplers, the fans should be in for a treat.


Round 1 


We begin our third bout of the evening with a heavy straight right from Challenger Series alum Taylor Johnson.  The fighters reset and Johnson lands a big three-four hook combo, buckling the knees of Williams as he retreats to the fence.


Johnson keeps the pressure on, swinging for the fences and connecting with another MASSIVE right hand!  Johnson stays on him, landing another hook and two uppercuts before taking the back as Williams hits the deck and Johnson swarms him, taking the back while raining down heavy shots and maintaining position as Williams looks to roll to safety.  The ref looks closely as Johnson continues to rain down hammers with the right hand and that’ll be it!






Taylor Johnson makes good on his promise and quickly dispatches Trey Williams in his second PFL Challenger Series appearance.


Taylor Johnson def. Trey Williams via 1st round TKO (Right hand to ground and pound, 1:20)