PFL Europe’s first-ever main event features another UK MMA rising star, “Smooth” Simeon Powell, taking on Amsterdam-based kickboxer Mohamed Amine. Powell won a contract on the PFL Challenger Series, and scored back-to-back knockouts in both of his showcase fights. Powell, a London native, is undefeated professionally at 7-0 with six finishes. Amine is a former Akira FC Light Heavyweight Champion, has competed at heavyweight, and began training kickboxing when he was just six years old.

Round 1 


Fighters touch gloves and clearly respect each other’s power, as both offer a few range-finding kicks in the first minute. A few heavier shots exchanged after Powell and Amine feel each other out a bit, and it’s Simeon Powell who takes initiative with a takedown.


Mohamed Amine does a good job of staying calm and locking down any offense that Powell tries from half-guard. Powell frees up a left hand and lands a few strikes to the side of Amine’s head. Powell’s size and power are on display as Amine tries to rise to his feet, and some big knees to the hamstrings of Amine sends the fight back to the canvas.


Powell breaks through with some big strikes from top mount, while Amine covers up and absorbs as many blows as he can. Amine, clearly looking to survive and advance, stalls to hear the safety of the first round horn.


Round 2


The fighters shake hands and start in the center in Round 2, Amine likely realizing he needed to up the pressure. Some kicks to the lead leg from “Smooth” Simeon Powell keeps Amine at bay early, as Powell waits for Amine to make a wrong move.


Powell’s reach advantage really keeps Mohamed Amine from being able to make inroads on the feet, and eventually Powell shoots for the takedown and Amine looks for the safety of the fence. Powell puts Amine on the mat and lands a few shots, Amine scrambles but Powell regains top control and begins to unload with the hands again.


Amine almost gives up his back near the fence of the SmartCage, and Simeon Powell goes for a choke attempt, but instead switches back to top control and lets the hands go again. Marc Goddard gives Powell a warning to close his fist and keep the fingers tight, which Mohamed Amine uses as a quick break, even spitting out his mouth guard.


Powell squeezed and squeezed on Amine with an arm triangle in the final ten seconds, and the horn goes for the second round, but Amine is still out on the mat! Marc Goddard waves his arms and “Smooth” Simeon Powell has an impressive victory leading with his ground game. Credit to Mohamed Amine for attempting to fight to the horn, but he went to sleep just before he would have been saved by the bell.






Simeon Powell def. Mohamed Amine by Submission (Arm Triangle) at 5:00 of Round 2