A striking specialist with a Muay Thai base, Simeon Powell has already enjoyed quite the success in the PFL. After earning a contract during the 2022 PFL Challenger Series with a decision win over Tobias Baker, Powell scored a pair of finishes with a third-round knockout of Clinton Williams and a second-round TKO of João Fagundes in Showcase bouts during the 2022 season. At PFL Europe 1 in March, Powell clinched his semifinal spot with a second-round technical submission of Mohmed Amine.


Daniel Ladero gets a big opportunity with a short-notice fill-in to compete in these PFL Europe Playoffs. A black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu who placed second in the 2019 ADCC European Trials at 99kg, Ladero won his first three professional MMA bouts. He’ll look to snap a two-fight skid in this bout, a pair of losses that also includes a loss to Anthony Salamone in the previously mentioned March card.


Who will be the first fighter to clinch their spot in the PFL Europe light heavyweight title fight?



Round 1


Ladero misses a leg kick to start as the two feel each other out. Powell throws a couple of jabs to judge his range. Powell jabs to the body. Low kick by Powell. Ladero fires one off in return. Small combination for Powell ends with a leg kick. Left hook lands for Ladero. Powell lands a couple of more leg kicks. Right hand to the head lands for Powell. Another low kick and a jab for Powell. Laredo goes in for a takedown, but Powell shoves him off. Right hand and a left miss for Ladero.


Ladero lands a quick left on the inside. Low kick by Powell. Left hand from Powell. Ladero misses a one-two. Both men trade leg kicks. Ladero hooks up Powell and presses him against the fence. Powell briefly reverses the position before they separate. Powell lands a few leg kicks. Powell misses a knee.



Round 2


Ladero seemingly apprehensive about getting inside. Powell throws a jab. Brief body lock between the two. Both men flashing their hands but not landing. Powell lands a couple of right hands. Powell misses the uppercut, and Ladero throws a counter right. Leg kick by Powell. Another low kick from Powell.


Flurry from Ladero forces Powell back. Not a lot of activity going on in the second half of this round. Both men flashing jabs and trying to work the body, but a lot more moving around and pacing. Both men landing low kicks. Powell lands a jab. Powell lands inside.



Round 3


Low kick from Powell. Ladero is on the back foot, seemingly on guard for a level change. Ladero lands a couple of left punches. Ladero throws another punch and Powell answers with a front kick attempt. Ladero lands a couple of left hands. Right hand by Ladero. Powell comes closer, but Powell throws a right hook. Powell with a jab.


Powell throws a low kick, but Laredo counters with a left punch. With a couple of minutes left, Powell lets his hands go, firing off a flurry of shots. Ladero lands a one-two. Powell throws a left. Ladero pins Powell up against the SmartCage. The two break off with about 10 seconds left.





Simeon Powell defeats Daniel Ladero by unanimous decision.


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