Shanelle Dyer had a highly successful amateur career that included an 8-3 record and championships at flyweight and strawweight. Dyer then turned pro earlier this year in March, where she competed twice in the span of two weeks. Both of those bouts ended in first-round TKO victories for the 22-year-old Dyer.


Luisa Fernanda Cifuentes competed in her professional MMA debut in 2015 but didn’t compete after that loss for another four years. She then won four straight, including three finishes, while capturing an interim women’s flyweight title along the way. Cifuentes last competed in June, dropping a decision to Fernanda Munoz.


Who will come out on top and impress in this women’s flyweight showcase?



Round 1:


Dyer coming out on the front foot early, delivering some kicks. Cifuentes, however, elects to stand and trade with Dyer. Dyer throwing some low kicks to Cifuentes’s legs. Cifuentes working combinations and landing her own low kicks. Dyer catches a kick and drops Cifuentes with a right hand, diving into her guard with a few more strikes. Cifuentes looking for an armbar from bottom, but Dyer saw it coming and tries to step over half-guard. Cifuentes looking for a triangle, but Dyer transitions into the North-South.


Cifuentes keeping a hold of Dyer but not doing much with it. Cifuentes works her way over to the fence. Dyer throws a few punches with her free hand before spinning around and looking to get to Cifuentes’s back. Cifuentes trying to grab a hold of Dyer’s leg and not trying to get back to the feet. Cifuentes gets to her feet, but Dyer lands a big knee to the head. The two work along the PFL SmartCage before breaking off with about 30 seconds left in the round. Some striking trading, with Dyer getting the better of it, before the horn.



Round 2:


Dyer is on the attack right away, throwing a few kicks. Cifuentes misses a round kick. Dyer lands a leg kick and a body shot. Dyer continues to land low with the kicks. Cifuentes returning the kicks though. Dyer narrowly misses a head kick. Hard front kick to the body by Dyer. Cifuentes against the fence and Dyer landing to the body and legs with her attack. A high kick and a body kick by Dyer. Dyer with a left hand, followed by a pair of kicks. Cifuentes misses a low kick. Combination by Dyer, followed by another low kick.



Dyer continues to land to the legs with kicks, adding in punches upstairs. Cifuentes throws a low kick, but Dyer answers with a combination. Dyer throws a big head kick, but Cifuentes just manages to get her guard up. Dyer mixes up the targets of her kicks, landing both high and low on Cifuentes. High kick and a kick downstairs by Dyer, and Cifuentes seems to be in pain around her abdomen and her legs. Dyer lands some strong right hands. Dyer lands a big jumping knee with Cifuentes’s back near the fence. Cifuentes misses a backfist and Dyer misses a jumping kick.



Round 3


Dyer lands quick low kicks early in the round. Dyer continues to chase Cifuentes on the front foot. Dyer lands a couple of right hands. Check hook and a front kick by Dyer. High kick and a jab upstairs by Dyer. Another combination by Dyer, and Cifuentes doesn’t seem to have an answer. Right hook by Dyer. Dyer pushes Cifuentes back with her strikes. Low kick by Cifuentes.


Dyer does a good job of keeping Cifuentes trapped and cutting off the SmartCage. Low kick and a one-two by Dyer. Big kick by Dyer that lands to the head, rocking Cifuentes. Low kick by Dyer, and Cifuentes looks exhausted and battered. Quick left hand by Dyer. Left body kick and a kick upstairs just missed for Dyer. Complete domination for Dyer despite not getting a finish.





Shanelle Dyer def. Luisa Fernanda Cifuentes via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)


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