The son of retired MMA fighter Chris Brennan, Lucas Brennan fought exclusively in Bellator prior to tonight, going a perfect 9-0 since his professional MMA debut in 2019. Eight of those wins have come via finish, with six coming via submission and six coming in the first round. A submission expert who fights out of Texas, Brennan most recently fought at Bellator 298, scoring a third-round knockout of Weber Almeida.


Dimitre Ivy has fought professionally since 2010, though he had a hiatus from MMA between 2018 and 2021 when he focused on kickboxing. A former regional featherweight champion, Ivy is also a submission specialist, with seven of his 12 victories coming by tapout, including one victory via twister. Ivy fought back on February 24, scoring a first-round submission of Abram Sellers.


Who will come out on top in this featherweight showcase?



Round 1


Low kick from Brennan. Both men flash their right jabs. Body kick by Brennan gets pushed off. Ivy with a small combination. Ivy lands a right hand and drops Brennan to his back. Brennan tries for a spin kick to get up, but he doesn’t land on Ivy. Ivy pushes and gets Brennan back down. Brennan tries for a triangle hold, but Ivy stops it. Brennan tries for an arm lock but doesn’t get it. Brennan stays on the ground and tries to land kicks on Ivy, but the referee soon forces him back to the feet. A couple of low kicks from Brennan. Ivy looks to land a couple of right hands.


Strong body kick from Brennan, but Ivy answers with a knee to the body. Ivy presses Brennan against the fence. Brennan turns things around, but Ivy reverses the position again. Ivy lands a couple of strong body shots before Brennan returns the two off the SmartCage. Brennan’s low kick misses. Ivy misses a right hand. Ivy looks for a knee, but Brennan tries to catch it. Ivy brings Brennan back over to the fence. Ivy lands a couple of punches and a knee in the clinch. Ivy with a strong combination in the clinch before the round ends.




Round 2


Brennan goes for a side kick to start. Low kick from Brennan. Brennan continues with a kick-based offense in the first 30 seconds of the fight. Ivy with a couple of left hands. Ivy gets out of the way of a knee. Brennan looks for a body kick, but Ivy catches it and lands a counterstrike. Brennan lands to the body now. Brennan goes for a single-leg takedown, but Ivy uses the SmartCage he backs into to keep himself up. Brennan gets to Ivy’s back and gets the fight to the ground. Brennan lands a small combination to the body. Brennan lands a few shots to the head.


Brennan lands more strikes to the head as he tries to look for a choke. Brennan gets a body triangle locked on as he continues to land and Ivy looks for a way out. Ivy keeps his chin down and tries to protect his neck as Brennan works him over. Brennan tries for a neck crank but Ivy prevents it. Brennan lands some more and goes for a rear-naked choke attempt. Some more strikes from Brennan. Brennan doesn’t get the choke but overwhelms Ivy with his punches until the horn.




Round 3


Combination by Ivy to start things off, looking to take control from the get-go. A couple of side kicks to the body by Brennan. High kick attempt by Ivy is blocked. Brennan lands a low kick. The two of them trade low kicks before Brennan jumps in and locks up his body. Ivy brings himself over to the fence, but Brennan returns the fight to the mat. Ivy tries to spin out as Brennan goes back to looking for the choke again. Brennan appears to have an arm-triangle choke locked in, but Ivy escapes and gets back to his feet, pressing Brennan’s back to the fence.


Ivy lands a foot stomp as Brennan tries to separate. The two are in a grappling battle against the fence. Brennan lands a couple of foot stomps of his own as Ivy continues to press him into the fence. Brennan turns things around with less than a minute left, but Ivy reverses again. Ivy’s corner tells him to separate and strike, but the two remain in a clinch battle against the PFL SmartCage. Both land knees before separating with about 15 seconds left. Brennan throws a couple of spinning kicks before the end of the fight.





Dimitre Ivy defeats Lucas Brennan by unanimous decision (29-28x3) in a PFL Showcase Bout.