Xavier Alaoui is called a Street Fighting specialist, but his combat journey began in judo at a young age, going on to earn black belts in that discipline, as well as Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Alaoui, who trains out of the famed TriStar Gym, has won bantamweight gold outside of the PFL and enters tonight with a 14-5 record. Alaoui, known as “The Breadman”, last fought in August, dropping a split decision to Balgyn Jenisuly.


A kickboxing specialist, Rachid El Hazoume is 13-3 since first entering a professional MMA cage in 2011. El Hazoume is an accomplished kickboxer and grappler as the 2015 K-1 Spain Champion and 2017 NAGA European Champion. Training out of the famed Syndicate MMA gym in Las Vegas, El Hazoume made his PFL debut on short notice at the PFL Europe card last July, dropping a close decision to Frans Mlambo. El Hazoume then fought about a month-and-a-half later in Mexico, earning a decision over Jesus Ramos.


Who will move on in PFL MENA’s bantamweight competition?



Round 1


Alaqui lands a straight hand and drops El Hazoume almost right away! El Hazoume looks to throw up a guillotine attempt as Alaoui goes down with him, but Alaoui avoids it. Alaoui tries to posture up, but he’s got El Hazoume’s guard to deal with. Alaoui lands a couple of strikes on the ground as he tries to create distance. El Hazoume brings himself over to the fence. Alaoui continues to land some strikes, but the referee warns for activity. El Hazoume continues to look for a guillotine position but isn’t finding it.


El Hazoume manages to sit up against the fence, and El Hazoume reverses the position and gets Alaoui’s back to the fence. El Hazoume gets a judo throw, but Alaoui just barely stays on his feet. El Hazoume gets the takedown and gets to Alaoui’s back. El Hazoume gets his legs around Alaoui’s. El Hazoume lands several ground strikes, having a strong performance in the end of the first round.



Round 2


Front kick by El Hazoume, but Alaoui lands a strong right hand. Alaoui with a strong combination. Low kick misses for El Hazoume. Small combination for El Hazoume now. Round kick by El Hazoume is blocked. Low kick from El Hazoume. Strong right hand by Alaoui. Left hand lands for El Hazoume. The two trade, and the referee cautions about potential accidental head clashes. Alaoui lands a hook. El Hazoume lands a hook of his own. Alaoui drops El Hazoume, but as he goes in, El Hazoume answers with a takedown! Alaoui looks to answer with a guillotine, and it’s tight, but El Hazoume manages to escape it!


El Hazoume gets a butterfly sweep and now he’s the one on top. El Hazmoune gets to Alaoui’s back and flattens him out! El Hazoume locks in a choke, and he scores the submission!



El Hazoume gets his first win in the PFL and moves on to the PFL MENA Playoffs!





Rachid El Hazoume defeats Xavier Alaoui by 2nd round submission (rear-naked choke, 2:55), advancing to the PFL MENA Playoffs in the Bantamweight Division.