Professional Fighters League (PFL) is expanding its global distribution footprint. Supported by global distribution agency Fighting Spirit, the PFL’s network of premier sports partners continues to grow, reaching over 150 countries around the world.

PFL heads into the second half of the 2019 Regular Season, where each fighter in all six weight-classes has their second fight, with all spots in the PFL Playoffs up for grabs.

The next PFL Regular Season fight events will determine who makes the Playoffs and stays in the hunt for the Championship and $1 million prize in each weight-class.

“The first half of our 2019 Regular Season captivated MMA fans with incredible finishes and compelling stories,” said Peter Murray, CEO, PFL. “We are excited that with our global reach in over 150 countries, 300 million MMA fans around the world can now cheer on their favorite PFL fighter from their country. The second half of the PFL Regular Season starts Thursday July 11, and these events will determine who advances to the playoffs and who goes home.”