Good luck to the celebrity judges and to the fans at home. 

Week 8 of the 2022 PFL Challenger Series brought the heat, with Ali Zebian, Jeslen Mishelle, Simeon Powell, and Carlos Leal all picking up victories Friday evening. 

And while all four fighters showed out with impressive performances, only one can take home the coveted PFL contract. Making matters more difficult, all four won via decision, so the judges will have to decide which overall performance impressed them the most. 

“Good luck to you guys tonight,” PFL President Ray Sefo declared before kicking things over to Sean O’Connell to announce the night’s two finalists. 

Powell, who defeated Tobias Baker via dominant decision, got the call first, followed by… 


Unfortunately, that’s the end of the road for Zebian and Mishelle tonight, but they won’t go home empty-handed. Those victories prove their games are polished and ready, and they will provide a nice springboard and some positive momentum for them to continue their respective careers. 


Julie Stewart-Binks gave Ray Lewis the floor, and he lauded both Powell and Leal’s performances. 

“It’s poetic,” Lewis said of Powell’s style before likening Leal’s game to a lion. 

In the end though, only of them could earn the judges’ vote. 

And that was Powell. 


The Bud Light fan vote followed, and those watching at home thought one man deserved the contract just a bit more than the other. 

That man was Powell, completing the sweep and earning him that fancy-fresh PFL contract. 

Things got even better for Powell after winning the contract though, as O’Connell informed him he’d also be taking home a cool $5,000 for the Columbia Care Move of the Night. 

Not a bad day for Mr. Powell. Not a bad day at all. 

Craving more PFL action? You’re in luck. 

The 2022 PFL Season –– and the quest for $1 million and the PFL title –– starts Wednesday, April 20, with lightweights and light heavyweights. Let’s get it.