The Professional Fighters League on Feb. 25 announced that it had reached a multi-year broadcasting agreement with ESPN. Having entered into a pivotal time in its existence, the promotion plans to roll out its complete Season 2 roster later this month. The mastermind behind building that stable of talent -- PFL President Ray Sefo -- understands that the stakes have been raised.

“[The ESPN deal] solidifies who we are,” Sefo told Sherdog.com. “It says we’re here to stay, this format works and we have some great fighters under our banner, [so] get ready for the ride.”

In the realm of North American sports broadcasting, ESPN remains the unquestioned leader in the industry. The Disney-owned network has a reach that surpasses that of NBC Sports, the PFL’s previous broadcast partner. ESPN networks air in 61 countries spread over six continents. That reach has Sefo and his staff excited for the league’s future.

“It’s really huge news for us and the team, in the sense of being able to get our fighters on that platform,” he said. “We’re talking about the premiere [sports network] in terms of what their global reach is. We’re just very fortunate they believed in and like what we’re doing.”