The Professional Fighters League is taking major steps toward fixing the lack of equal pay for female athletes, becoming the first professional sports league to guarantee equal payouts for female and male fighters.

The MMA league is set to host playoffs at MGM Resorts International's Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas this week, where champions in each weight class will take home $1 million in both the men’s and women’s division.

PFL Nearly Doubles Audience In 2019
The PFL said it presents MMA in a different way and is reimagining the sport with a regular season, playoff and championship format, where individual fighters compete and earn their way into the playoffs.

In its second year, the league has locked up a contract with ESPN and has cemented itself as the No. 2 player in the sport.

“Last year when we launched the company and validated the format, we were on NBC Sports, Internationally we were on Facebook's Watch platform. Now we are with ESPN, we have a long-term partnership and we are distributed to 150 countries outside the U.S.,” PFL CEO Peter Murray told Benzinga.

The PFL is one of the fastest growing sports leagues and aims to be the most innovative, he said.