As the PFL enters its third season, CEO Peter Murray spoke to FanSided about the promotion’s expanded international presence and model for growth.

In 2020, the Professional Fighters League (PFL) will enter its third season. It’s a high school junior and, per custom, it’s learning to drive and explore new places. Spreading its wings, so to speak.

Accordingly, the PFL is exploring new territories, branching out to four continents and five different countries, holding International Qualifier Series tournaments to find international fighters to compete in its upcoming regular season. The PFL is partnering with local promotions in Germany, Russia, Abu Dhabi, Brazil, and Australia to hold “fight twice, win twice” one-night tournaments that match the PFL’s playoff format.

“That format, the fight twice in one night, is part of our format in the playoffs,” PFL CEO Peter Murray told FanSided. “So it becomes a logical way to challenge top athletes around the world to see if they’re tough enough and if they have what it takes to compete in the PFL.”