Don Madge earned his stripes on the regional MMA scene in South Africa, becoming a two-time lightweight champion in the area. Arriving in the PFL in 2021 as a highly touted prospect, he scored a submission win over Nathan Williams. Madge, who enters tonight with five KO/TKOs and five submissions, lost in his sole 2023 season bout to Raush Manfio but rebounded in April with a first-round submission of Brennan Ward.


A member of the legendary Gracie family, Neiman Gracie has earned a black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and went on to be a Pan-American champion in the discipline in 2008. He signed with Bellator in 2015, going 10-4 and challenging once for the Bellator welterweight championship. Gracie fought in April and scored a decision win over Goiti Yamauchi.


Madge is in a win-and-in scenario here, while Gracie needs a win to remain in the highly competitive playoff race.



Round 1


Gracie starts with a combination and a one-two. Madge flashes the jab. Madge with the right hand. Gracie goes for a takedown. Madge lands an uppercut as he defends. Gracie gets the takedown, but Madge sweeps and looks for a leg lock. Gracie counters and gets to work on top. Gracie looks for Madge’s head, but Madge keeps his legs out and makes it difficult for Madge to get into position. Gracie looks for a full mount, but Madge looks for a sweep. He gets it, and Madge gets back to his feet. Madge with a knee to the body as the two are in a clinch. They separate. Madge with a left hand. Madge on the back foot here. Madge lands a right, and Gracie pushes Madge back to the fence.



Madge tries to pummel. Madge gets in the underhooks, but Gracie keeping up with the pressure. Madge gets the two of them away from the fence, and there’s separation. Gracie with a body kick and an overhand right. Gracie lands a right hand. Madge with a check hook. Gracie snatches the legs again and gets Madge down, but Madge gets back to his feet quickly. Gracie, however, quickly gets things back to the mat. Gracie is in side control and has an arm around Madge’s neck. Gracie looks to move into full mount, but Madge’s guard holds. Madge lands an upkick. Gracie lands a right hand. Madge gets a hold of Gracie’s leg and looks for a heel hook. Gracie looks to counter with a kneebar. Neither man scores their submission attempt before the bell.




Round 2


Gracie lands a left. Gracie looks for a clinch, but Madge avoids it. Madge with a right hand. Madge catches Gracie coming in and lands the overhand right. Madge with a left hand to the body. Madge with a one-two. Madge lands to the body again. Gracie comes in and clinches but it doesn’t hold. Gracie looks for a takedown, but Madge counters and tries for a guillotine. Gracie gets out of it and ends up on top, where he settles.


One-two from Gracie before he steps over Madge. Madge looks for a butterfly hook to keep some distance between the two of them. Madge looks for a heel hook again. He can’t get it, and Gracie is satisfied with just keeping Madge down. Gracie works the body a bit. Madge is trying to roll through and attack the leg again. Madge finally kicks out, and now he’s on top. Madge tries to land a few shots on top, but Gracie scrambles and has a reverse, inverted triangle grip. Gracie has Madge tied up at the end of the second round.



Round 3


Gracie looks to get inside again. Madge lands a short combination. Gracie tries to get inside again, but Madge is looking to keep distance and bring pressure. Left hand from Madge as Gracie briefly gets a hold of Madge. Gracie gets another hold and scores another takedown on Madge. But Gracie landed a knee right before the trip, and so there’s a timeout. Madge flashes the right hand on resumption. Gracie shoots in and Madge misses a counter uppercut. Gracie lands another takedown. Gracie looking for an anaconda D’Arce before transitioning into a back take attempt. Madge looks to use his legs and keep distance again. Madge with an upkick.


Gracie back on top and in side control. Gracie lands a couple of shots to the head. Gracie lands a few right hands. Madge scrambles, but Gracie follows along. Madge hangs heavy to Gracie’s leg. Madge gets back to the feet, but Gracie has control in spite of his back against the fence. Gracie moves off the fence and returns the fight to the ground. Gracie lands a few right hands. Gracie looks to work his way back into a better position, but Madge prevents that. Madge’s corner calls for a triangle but he can’t get it before the bell.





Neiman Gracie defeats Don Madge by unanimous decision (30-27x3) earning 3 points in the PFL Welterweight Division.

  • Neither fighter clinches at this point. Both are technically still alive.
  • Gracie moves his career record to 13-5