John Mitchell had an insanely successful run on the amateur circuit, winning gold at welterweight, lightweight, and catchweight while going 11-3. Since turning pro in 2019, Mitchell has won eight of nine, and he now finds himself one fight away from achieving his first piece of big-stage MMA gold. A training partner of 2022 PFL featherweight champion Brendan Loughnane, Mitchell earned his spot in tonight’s lightweight title fight with back-to-back unanimous decision wins over Geysim Derouiche.


Similar to Mitchell, Jakub Kaszuba had a successful amateur run, going 5-0, before turning pro. A kickboxing specialist, Kaszuba is currently undefeated at 10-0 and is also looking for his first taste of a professional MMA championship. A kickboxing specialist, Kaszuba practiced Taekwondo, boxing, kickboxing, and wrestling at various points in his youth. Kaszuba submitted Maxim Radu in July before a decision win over Dylan Tuke in September.


Which of these two promising, budding lightweight talents will win the PFL Europe title and take home $100,000?


Round 1


Front kick by Mitchell, who is trying to get close to Kaszuba. Kaszuba with a side kick. Mitchell connects with a couple of low kicks. Kaszuba comes forward with left hands. Mitchell throws a high kick. Kaszuba misses with a right hand. Another low kick by Mitchell. Kaszuba misses with a right. Mitchell with a couple of kicks. One-two by Kaszuba. Low kick by Mitchell. Kaszuba misses with a left. Kaszuba changes levels and goes for a takedown but Mitchell avoids it. Kaszuba comes in with a small flurry and he puts Mitchell’s back to the fence. Mitchell reverses the position and gets the fight back to the feet.


Mitchell lands a front kick to the face and Kaszuba stumbles! Mitchell with a flurry! The referee goes to step in, but Kaszuba locks up with Mitchell and manages to recover! Mitchell brings Kaszuba over to the SmartCage fence. They separate with about 90 seconds left. Right hand by Kaszuba. Mitchell lands a low kick. Kaszuba comes forward with a one-two, but Mitchell avoids it. Another strong front kick by Mitchell. Mitchell lands a combination, and Kaszuba briefly clinches up. Low kick by Mitchell. Kaszuba misses a combination.



Round 2


Kaszuba looks to come forward and he clinches up with Mitchell early, looking to do some dirty boxing. Mitchell shrugs him off. Mitchell keeps out of the way of Kaszuba’s striking. Mitchell pins Kaszuba up against the fence. Kaszuba gets him off, but Mitchell pressures him back there. Kaszuba looks to land inside, but Mitchell lands a couple of shoulder strikes. One-two by Kaszuba. Front kick by Mitchell, followed by a rear uppercut.


Kaszuba lands a left and brings Mitchell to the fence now, where he lands a couple of knees to Mitchell’s body. Kaszuba lands another knee that goes to Mitchell’s head, and Mitchell goes down! Kaszuba landing from up top! Mitchell tries to get out of there, but Kaszuba continues to pour it on and overwhelms him! The fight is stopped!



Just when it looked like he would be the one finished, Jakub Kaszuba turns things around and gets the second-round finish to win the PFL Europe lightweight title and $100,000!




Jakub Kaszuba def. John Mitchell via second-round TKO (punches, 3:07)