Steven Hill enters this fight on just days’ notice. Hill is a Brazilian jiu-jitsu specialist, with experience in both judo and boxing as well, contributing to three victories each by knockout and submission. Hill is unbeaten in professional MMA at 7-0, including a 2-0 Bellator record. Hill most recently fought at Bellator 291, submitting Joel Kouadja.


Mike Shipman’s journey in martial arts began in judo at age 10 and boxing at 14 before turning to MMA full-time at the age of 20. Making his professional MMA debut in 2013, “Sea Bass” enters tonight with a 15-4 record, scoring 13 of his victories via a knockout or submission. Shipman is 6-3 in Bellator thus far, and he most recently fought at Bellator 291, scoring a unanimous decision over Charlie Ward.


Can Aliev’s return show him another victory, over will the experience of Shipman be too much to overcome?



Round 1


Shipman sees Hill coming in and avoids his striking, clinching up with Hill and bringing him toward the fence. After a brief early pause for an accidental groin strike, the two are re-started against the fence. Shipman lands a couple of shoulder strikes before they separate. Left hand from Shipman. Shipman goes for a knee, but Hill avoids it and looks for a single-leg takedown. Shipman avoids the takedown and presses Hill against the fence for some time. Shipman rushes in after the separation, but Hill gets out of the way.


One-two from Shipman is missed. Hill with a right hand. Hill level changes, but Shipman fights back and scores a takedown. Shipman looks to land some ground-and-pound. Shipman throws a knee as Hill looks to stand, but one of Hill’s knees is still on the ground! Or was it? Replay shows that to be very close, but time is called. The knee was thrown as Hill’s knee was still on the ground; therefore, it is an illegal strike, and Shipman loses a point on the scorecards.


Hill presses Shipman into the fence briefly. Shipman goes in for a knee, and Hill presses Shipman into the fence again. Shipman landing several knees in the clinch, and Hill is covering! He’s rocked! Shipman continues to land! Another knee from Shipman! Hill throws a right, but Shipman answers with a takedown! Ground-and-pound from Shipman on top, but Hill survives the round.


Steven Hill stays on his stool with the 10-second warning for corners’ seconds to leave the cage. He cannot answer the bell! The fight is over!



In spite of the couple of fouls he committed, Mike Shipman put on a beautiful striking display, and it led to a finish in five minutes!





Mike Shipman defeats Steven Hill by 1st round TKO (corner stoppage) in a middleweight bout