Abigail Montes made her mark in the PFL in October 2021, when she scored an upset over former Olympic gold medalist and current undisputed women’s light middleweight boxing champion Claressa Shields. Montes went on to compete in the 2022 women’s lightweight season, dropping split decisions against Olena Kolesnyk and Marina Mokhnatkina. Montes rebounded in a showcase bout back in June, scoring a first-round finish of Brandy Hester.


A former IMAAF-WMMAA Tournament champion, Michelle Montague has had a successful start to her professional career, entering tonight with a 3-0 record. Montague, a member of the City Kickboxing gym and a training partner to Kayla Harrison, is 2-0 in the PFL so far. She scored a first-round submission of Olivia Parker during the 2022 Challenger Series and a second-round submission of Shaquita Woods in the 2023 Challenger Series.


Who will continue their PFL success in this women’s featherweight showcase bout?



Round 1


Montes and Montague trade jabs to start. Montes throws a leg kick. Montague lands a couple of straights. Montes with a check hook and takes Montague’s leg out. Montes tries to grapple up and get to Montague’s back, but instead Montague’s back goes against the fence. The two pummel and a Montague reversal attempt is denied. Montague lands a left. Heavy hooks by Montes. Montague goes in and tries to pin up Montes, but Montes reverses and gets Montague against the fence. The two trading. Strong one-two by Montes. Left hand by Montague. Front kick by Montague.


Weak round kick to the body by Montes. Montague misses a high kick. The two trade in the pocket swinging away. Montague level changes and briefly gets a takedown. Montes scrambles however, and the two end up against the SmartCage once again, this time with Montes’s back against the fence. Upon separation, the two continued to battle for control. Each lands a kick to the legs. The two continue to exchange. Montague with a right hand. Montes with a kick to the body that seemed to hurt Montague. Combination by Montes. Low kick by Montague. Montes lands a one-two and presses forward with her right hand. Montague misses another head kick. Left hand by Montague. Montague with another. Montes with a right hand. The two end the round in an exchange.




Round 2


Montague coming forward. Montes catches a kick from Montague. The two clash in kicks. Montague with a couple of front kicks. Front kick by Montague, but she misses another high kick. Montes with a combination. Montes with a counter shot. Montes with a jab and comes forward. Montague tries to push back and gets Montes against the fence, looking for a takedown. Montague lands a takedown but Montes scrambles. Montague looks for a guillotine, but Montes gets back to her feet.


When the two get off the fence, Montague lands a left hand. High kick by Montague. Montague fights for another takedown and gets it after Montes’s back is pressed to the fence again. Montes quickly gets back to her feet, however. Montague gets to her back and finds her way into a backpack position on Montes. Montague flattens Montes out and is looking for a choke! She locks it in and scores the tap!



Big win in a highly-paced, competitive bout for Michelle Montague!





Michelle Montague def. Abigail Montes via second-round submission (rear-naked choke, 3:38)


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