Stepping in on short notice after Mohammad Fakhreddine was forced to withdraw, Mick Stanton (9-6) looks to impress in a Light Heavyweight Showcase bout against Poland’s Marcin Wojcik (15-8). 2 lifelong martial artists, Stanton has been boxing since the age of 12 while Wojcik turned pro at only 18 years old and has been competing at the professional level for the last 15 years. Notably, both fighters have challenged for major promotion titles, with Stanton competing for Cage Warriors Middleweight title and Wojcik competing for the KSW Light Heavyweight title.



Round 1 


With a touch of the gloves we’re underway and Stanton wastes no time shooting in on a single.  Wojcik fights it off but Stanton goes right back to it, shooting in on a double and briefly securing the takedown before Wojcik gets back to his feet.


Stanton shoots the single again and while he can’t secure it, he does create some back exposure and locks onto Wojcik, dragging him down to the mat and getting a hook in before Wojcik is able to use the fence to work back to his feet.


Stanton lands a big 3-2 combination before Stanton telegraphs a shot and Wojcik sprawls hard, taking Stanton’s back in the exchange and beginning to work to advance.  Stanton briefly attacks a kneebar but can’t secure it and makes a mistake in doing so, allowing Wojcik to pass to full mount and start raining down punches.  


Stanton is still working to improve position but gives up his back with both hooks in and Wojcik flattens him out and starts unloading BIG left hands! The ref takes a close look but they continue and Wojcik snatches the neck from the back! The squeeze is on and that will do it as Wojcik wins by rear naked choke in the 1st round.






Marcin Wojcik impresses in every facet, showcasing his striking and grappling before securing a 1st round submission.


Marcin Wojcik def. Mick Stanton via Submission (Round 1, Rear Naked Choke)