PFL Challenger Series Week 2 rolled on Friday evening with a welterweight tilt between Carlos Leal (14-3) and Korey Kuppe (9-4).

While Leal boasted an experience advantage coming in, Kuppe enjoyed more emphatic results in his fights, as all nine of his victories ended inside the distance (one knockout, eight submissions) compared to Leal’s 50 percent finish rate. 

Here’s how the fight played out. 

Round 1 

The fight begins –– and Leal drops Kuppe immediately. That was instant. My goodness. Leal is not playing around. He floors Kuppe with a hard shot on the feet, and they head to the ground. 

This is methodical. Leal hammers away to the body, now to the head, and Kuppe has no response. The referee’s seen enough. 

This fight is over less than a minute in. 

Chris Mixan put on an impressive performance in the night’s opening fight as he finished teammate Nathan Pierce, but Carlos Leal was happy to raise the bar, finishing his opponent in short order. 

That. Was. Wild. 


“I came out here to show that I am business, that I’m a lion,” Leal said in his post-fight interview. “...I think I proved myself… Rest assured, you give me the contact, I’ll be the next champion of the PFL.” 

The celebrity judges echoed that mentality, none better than Jeremy Piven

“A lion vs. a giraffe: It was awkward… I’m many miles away and I’m scared of this gentleman,” Piven said after the fight.