With eight finishes in his 12 victories thus far, Laureano Staropoli is used to the big lights as a veteran of the sport. After dropping four straight, Staropoli enters tonight’s bout — his PFL debut — now with victories in his last three fights. Staropoli most recently fought in April, scoring a second-round knockout of Mickael Lebout.


Meanwhile, Baba Boundjou Nadjombe, who has won eight of 12, has claimed gold at lightweight and welterweight on the regional circuit. He scored a unanimous decision over Anthony Argerich in July, snapping a three-fight losing streak.


Both men will look to impress fans and officials here in this 180-pound PFL Showcase bout.



Round 1


Some pacing from both men to start. Nadjombe with a couple of low kicks early. Nadjombe pacing around the outside, making Staropoli chase him down. One-two misses for Nadjombe. Staropoli now trying to pressure. Big low kick from Nadjombe. Another low kick from Nadjombe, making Staropoli miss with a right hand. Nadjombe lands his own right. Front kick by Nadjombe. Low kick by Nadjombe.


Nadjombe continuing his dancing around the SmartCage. Staropoli with a knee up the center, and he pins Nadjombe against the SmartCage. He looks for a takedown, but Nadjombe gets out of dodge. Small combination from Staropoli. Nadjombe lifts up Staropoli and lands a strong takedown, though he lets Staropoli right back up. Nadjombe misses an overhand right. Low kick from Nadjombe, who avoids Staropoli’s combination. Another combination from Staropoli, and Nadjombe jumps in for the takedown attempt. Staropoli stuffs it and gets in top control.



Round 2


Staropoli throws a strong leg kick and forces Nadjombe to switch stances. Straight left and a combination by Staropoli. Inside leg kick by Nadjombe. Staropoli takes a hold of Nadjombe and takes him over to the fence. Left hand by Staropoli. A right hand by Staropli as he presses Nadjombe against the fence. Nadjombe lands a strong hook to the body. Staropoli with his own strong body shot.


Big high kick from Staropoli. Nadjombe with body shots. Nadjombe appearing to be fatigued; his pace has slowed from the first round. Combination by Staropoli. Inside shot and a low kick from Nadjombe. Series of punches from Staropoli. Staropoli with a combination by the fence, and it appears Nadjombe is hurt. Nadjombe looks to get out of the way, but he appears exhausted. Another combination and a high kick from Staropoli. Nadjombe is just pacing around the outside of the SmartCage as Staropoli goes after him, at more than one point turning his back to Staropoli.


In between rounds, referee Marc Goddard is told by Nadjombe that he wishes to not continue the fight. This one is waved off with the fighters on the stools!



A beautiful gameplan by Laureano Staropoli nets him the finish!





Laureano Staropoli defeats Baba Nadjombe by 2nd round TKO (5:00, corner stoppage)


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