The younger brother of Zabit, Khasan Magomedsharipov has showcased his own special abilities in the cage, known for his discipline and finishing ability. Trained in the well-known Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov School, Magomedsharipov is unbeaten through nine fights, with seven finishes through his striking and grappling capabilities. Magomedsharipov is 4-0 in Bellator, most recently fighting at Bellator 299, where he submitted Pitor Niedzielski.


Tyler Mathison is known for his power, with four of his six victories thus far coming via KO/TKO. Mathison, making his Bellator debut tonight, has won four of his last five. Mathison last fought in April, defeating Matt Gaffney.


Will Magomedsharipov remain unbeaten with this featherweight battle?



Round 1


Magomedsharipov with an overhand right, as he comes out right away with striking. Magomedsharipov level changes, as Mathison looks to defend as he’s pressed against the fence. Magomedsharipov continuing to pressure, and he manages to use his strength and get Mathison to his knees. Mathison continuing to keep himself on his feet. Magomedsharipov throws a knee, persistent in trying to get this fight to the ground.


Solid left elbow from Magomedsharipov. Magomedsharipov has standing back control now. Another knee to the body by Magomedsharipov. Magomedsharipov with the lift, and while he gets a little away from the fence, Mathison gets to his knees again. Magomedsharipov with a few left hands. Magomedsharipov threatens with a Suloev stretch! But Mathison avoids it. Mathison on the feet again, but Magomedsharpiov still has a hold of him. Magomedsharipov landing knees to the legs.



Round 2


Front kick from Magomedsharipov. One-two from Mathison, and Magomedsharipov gets a body lock. Mathison throws a knee, and Magomedsharipov answers by pressing him against the fence. Mathison reverses the position. A battle for control here, as Mathison lands to the body. Magomedsharipov landing a couple of knees before the break. Spinning back kick by Magomedsharipov. Magomedsharipov scores an easy double-leg takedown. Magomedsharipov gets hooks in and rolls through, getting back control on the ground.


Magomedsharipov has a body triangle locked in. Magomedsharipov landing short punches. Elbow from Magomedsharipov. Mathison with a couple of right hands in defense. Mathison with a couple of elbows. Magomedsharipov continuing to strike, but he’s not committing to any submission. Magomedsharipov just keeping a hold of that body triangle and showing control with his dominant striking and positioning.



Round 3


A couple of low kicks from Magomedsharipov to start. Mathison tries to shoot in, but Magomedsharipov counters and presses Mathison against the fence. Magomedsharipov lands a big right hand but misses a strong hook. Magomedsharipov pressing Mathison against the fence again. Mathison reverses the position. Mathison landing the left hand against Magomedsharipov’s leg. Mathison lands an uppercut before the clinch is broken. Left kick by Magomedsharipov. Magomedsharipov lands a spinning backfist. Front kick by Magomedsharipov. Both men land. Magomedsharipov with a strong elbow, followed by strong kicks to the body that damages Mathison.


Mathison landing in close, but he chooses to clinch. Mathison looks for a takedown, but it doesn’t appear to be any use. Mathison keeping Magomedsharipov pressed against the fence, but he’s not doing anything with it. Magomedsharipov lands a couple of knees. Now we have a jockeying for position with about a minute left in the fight. The referee separates the two with 45 seconds left. Magomedsharipov bringing out the spinning attacks now. Big kick by Magomedsharipov. Magomedsharipov ties Mathison up and scores a judo throw. Magomedsharipov with a dominant performance here tonight.






Khasan Magomedsharipov def. Tyler Mathison via unanimous decision (30-27 x3)